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Théo: I scrunch my toes in the sand, and smile delightedly as the next wavelet swirls around my ankles and pulls the sand out from between the tightly curled digits. The sun shines warmly on my shoulders, and I wade a little deeper, appreciating the practicalities of these loose cotton breeches which reach to just below my knees.

It is a pleasant day, and I felt like spending it outdoors, where Mer and I can feel the breeze in our hair. Later we can take the bikes back to the warehouse and spend the night, but today I had been drawn to the coast so while the sun warms the air, we can relax outdoors.

After making arrangements to meet Mer at the beach near Dave’s cabin, I gathered blankets and towels, although the sea proved colder than last time we spent at the beach, and I think perhaps we will not be swimming today. Food and drink had also gone into the pack, which now rested beside a spread out blanket in a sheltered spot amongst the rocks along with the open shoes that I kicked off to go paddling. I walk a little further, calf deep in the sea, and wait for my cousin to arrive.

Éomer: I park Karl’s bike in the yard, and go around the house, my eyes on the underbrush, for here is where my cousin told me I would find the path to the beach. I find it and shoulder the pack that Karl gave me. I was quite delighted with its efficiency and the way it rests so comfortably on my shoulders.

I am eager to see my cousin, for there have been many events interfering with our meetings, not the least has been the events in our home. I will not burden him with the future that he cannot avoid, but I will let my heart become lighter for his presence. And we will play in the broad ocean that he loves so well.

The path disgorges me into the sand and I look down the strand to see you standing while the waves caress your feet. My boots are quickly dropped into the sand and I walk into the water, turning toward you with the sea bathing my feet. It is much colder than I anticipated. Colder than the last time.

Théo: When I hear the scrunch of feet in the sand, I know it can be only one person, and smile to myself even before I begin to turn around to greet you. Another couple of steps and you are with me, and as your arms slip round my waist, I reach up and twine my fingers through your hair, grinning with the pleasure of having you close to me again. As our lips meet, your arms tighten around me and I arch my body against yours, pressing against you.

Your mouth opens to me, soft and warm, with the familiar taste I crave when we are apart. Our tongues tangle, slipsliding together as a leisurely kiss of welcome ignites our passions and becomes more urgent. My hands dig deeper into your hair, pulling you closer until the necessity for breathing forces us break the kiss, leaving us breathless and smiling, nipping at each others lips. "I have missed you, my stallion."

Éomer: I want to push you down on the sand right here and sink myself into you, but I know that is never the best idea, and I can only hope that my well-prepared lover has brought a blanket. I grin at you, because there is no question in my mind that you will have transported everything we might conceivably need for this day.

“I have missed you, too. My body aches to be joined with yours.” I rub myself against you, unable to prevent my body’s instinctive reaction to yours.

Théo: My grin widens at the welcome friction against my own hardening flesh and at your greeting, which is straight to the point and an echo of my own thoughts.

"I have spread a blanket in a sheltered spot amongst the rocks ..." You smirk , and I raise an eyebrow and wonder just exactly how alike our thoughts are on the subject, and I answer with a smirk of my own before catching your mouth again. My teeth take hold of your bottom lip, scraping the tender flesh lightly as I pull away with a soft growl. "Want you inside me. Come, it is not far."

Éomer: It is well that you understand my needs so completely, I think as I moan against the sharp teeth digging into my lip. I look to the rocks, seeing the brightly colored fabric. Twining my fingers with yours, I pull you towards it, smiling at your huff of laughter at my eagerness.

I wish to drive you mad with desire before I take you, sweet slow torment. There are towels set to the side and a container of the useful lotion lying on top of them. You have indeed planned well for our needs, and I go to my knees, pulling you with me.

Théo: My cock is achingly hard and throbbing in it’s confinement as you pull me down to join you, the look in your eyes so intense it is as if you wish to devour me whole, and that is not an unpleasing prospect. To be the focus of such raw lust only heightens my own need to always be touching you, my constant craving to feel your hands on my body, desires that can only be satisfied when we can meet here.

As our mouths clash together again, I give up my attempts to unbutton your shirt, frustrated by the small buttons, and pull the edge of it out of the waistband of your breeches, tugging it off over your head. “Skin … “ the word is purred out as my hands move between us, roaming your warm flesh, fingers teasing through soft, redgold hair until they reach your nipples. I drag my nails across the little nubs of flesh, shivering at the resulting growl that reverberates through your chest.

Éomer: Skin together, a thing so well desired . . . I rip at your shirt, trembling as your fingers rake my nipples. Your shirt is away and my mouth latches onto your shoulder, sucking as I work the fastenings of your breeches. I slide them down, over the curve of your buttocks and then I cup the smooth muscles, pressing you against me, letting you feel my insatiable desire for you.

I growl again and push you down onto the blanket. You lift your hips, cooperating as I strip you bare. You lie beneath my hot gaze, ready for me, watching as I remove my own garments. I take up the lotion, smearing some of it on my fingers, watching you watch me.

“Théo.” My voice is rough with my need.

Théo: My breathing is ragged as you coat your fingers, my body aching for your touch and as you bend close, I run a hand up your arm feeling the muscles quiver beneath my hand. I let my legs fall wide apart to give you the access your voice tells me you need badly and I thrust my hips upwards, showing my own impatience. Your eyes darken and slicked fingers slide down behind my balls, one of them pushing into me and I grasp your shoulder as I moan at this first intrusion, rocking my hips up in encouragement.

With a deep breath I let my muscles relax, although the rest of me stays taut, too aroused by the nearness of you to relax. I want your cock buried in me to the hilt, want your body covering mine as you pound into me without mercy, but there is something about the touch of your fingers inside me like this that I also crave. Stretching me open, making me ready to take you, fingertips pressing into secret flesh. “Please, Mer …” The rest of what I wanted to say is lost in a groan as you hit the sweet spot inside me and I arch off the blanket.

Éomer: Your body responds so well and some part of me wants to remain joined in this manner, with my finger inside you, discovering the intimate secrets of your body. I press once more against the small knot of flesh within, my other hand steadying you as you writhe. My fingers trace soothing circles on your skin, easing you back as my fingers relax. You shudder and I press forward again, striking the spot until I feel your muscles tense again, knowing you are close.

I have not stretched you very far, having but two fingers inside you, but torment for you is torment for me as well, and I can bear to wait no longer. I grapple with the lotion with my free hand, keeping my fingers working on you as I wet my cock with it.

I spread my digits, placing my cock between them, unwilling to surrender your body for even the limited time required to insert myself within you. I push in, knowing you already feel full.

Théo: My gasp as you enter me turns to a whimper as you fill me so completely, fingers and cock stretching the ring of muscle and I thrash beneath you, body trembling as I grip your shoulders harder, the friction around my erection trapped between us pushing me nearer the edge, but I hold it back, not ready to let it take me, not yet.

I am surrounded by the smell of you, and drink it in. Clean sweat, the heavy musk of arousal, the fresh hay scent of your hair as it brushes over my over sensitised skin, making me shudder. Your body slides over mine, thrusts into me, pushes me higher with every stroke and your eyes are the only thing I can focus on. I hold your gaze as my hands dig into your hair and my mouth finds yours, so hungry for you, so lost in the throes of passion that I maul your lips, never able to get enough of the taste.

Éomer: The sensation of so much of me inside you at once is a novel one, and I pulse my cock inside you for long moments, enjoying the newness of the feeling. But I want to pound you, to ram myself into your heat, over and over, so I pull my fingers out reluctantly.

You tighten around me, a burst of feeling latching around my cock. I push your legs up and out so that I may make free with your body. I dig my toes into the soft sand and find a rhythm that pleases me. I will not last long, but I will care for your needs if you fall behind. I hope that this place is uninhabited this day, for I feel as though I would shout my love for you to the heavens themselves.

Théo: My fingers rake down your back as you pound into me with long, punishing strokes. To be the focus of your feral passions and to know that I wake them in you adds to the physical sensations of being taken while you have me splayed out, here in the open, as a breeze ruffles my hair. I want to feel you lose control, to feel those passions unleashed. I slip a hand between us, and my fingers close around my engorged cock, groaning, pulling on it in time to your thrusts.

Sometimes it feels as if I am never whole unless we are joined like this. No matter who does the taking, it is as if you fill the empty space inside me as we couple, and I would stay that way forever if I could. Joined, whole, one. But I can take no more, and throw my head back against the blanket, arching my neck as my cock spasms in my hand, and hot come spurts against our bellies and I can hardly speak with the force of it. “Fill me … need to feel you … “

Éomer: As always, I cannot deny your commands, not when they mirror my own desires so perfectly. I keep thrusting, wanting to watch you abandoned in your ecstasy before I allow my own. It is a desperate struggle to stave off my orgasm, but the sight of you unrestrained, taking your pleasure is worth the effort.

We are coated in your effusions before your cock stops jumping, and my control breaks. With a roar, I sink myself deeply inside you as though I would make my home in your body. My cock jumps, splashing far inside you, filling you as you asked.

I jerk and shudder as the pleasure races though me, and I hold your eyes while it happens, letting you see every emotion that you evoke in me.

Finally, stilling, I murmur you name, sated.

Théo: I cry out as you come. My own release is already spent, but my body still shudders as you come inside me, and as you slump on top of me, my arms wrap round you and I plant a kiss on your shoulder. We lie together, breathless, listening to the waves hitting the beach, a sound that could lull a man to sleep if hunger was not making its presence known.

Still lying beneath you, I raise my head, and push the hair back from your forehead, a grin plastered on my face and my eyes still a little glazed. “It is good to see you, Mer, as always.” I lie back on the blanket laughing, heart free of cares now we are together, hoping that you also feel this lightness of spirit.

Éomer: I smile for it seems that we have greeted each other in the proper manner. I rest lightly on you for a time, but my organ is shrinking and I slowly remove it from your body, already regretting the loss of your heat.

My heart lifts to see your eyes so untroubled though and as I roll to your side, I pull you with me, holding you close. I sigh deeply, happy to be with you on this day of peace and ease.

However, there are other needs of the body that have not yet been assuaged. “I am hungry,” I say with a grin. “I trust you have provided for that as well?”

Théo: Sitting up, I incline my head towards you with mock seriousness. “Do I not always make sure that all your appetites are well satisfied?” With another grin, I lean towards the edge of the blanket, grasp the pack and lift it towards us. I open it up, and first pull out two bottles of cold ale, which I give to you to open while I dig deeper. A rummage through Dave’s fridge this morning had produced slices of pizza and cooked sausages, along with bread, fruit and sweet pastries, which I lay out on a kitchen cloth on the blanket.

“Perhaps this will ease your hunger for a short time?” I tease as you hand me a bottle and I take a long refreshing gulp.

Éomer: My grin is wicked as I take the food, for you well know that my hunger for you is never long satisfied. However, the food of this world is another delight of which I will never tire, and the cooks here have a way with spices and seasonings that I wish I could bring back with me to Rohan. Today is for enjoyment of all sorts, however, and I refuse to regret the things which I may not change.

Curling closer to you, I take a few bites of food and a swig of ale. The pizza is especially delicious with the ale. Our legs rub together as we eat, both of leaning back on elbows, talking of small things, not of wars or battles or evil that stalks us. But instead of horses, and tall mountains, and little things which please us. Soon, I am pleasantly full and I drag another of the blankets over us, for the wind carries a chill. I have no wish to garb myself yet, nor do I want you to hide your golden skin from me. My fingers trace small circles on your shoulder.

Théo: The blanket is a welcome barrier from the breeze, but it is you that keeps me warm. I shift closer, and card my fingers through the soft hair on your chest as yours still move on my skin, making me shiver. The raw intensity may have lessened for a time after our initial encounter, but the need to touch and be touched is as strong as ever.

Our legs tangle together and I run a foot down your muscled calf and move my hand up to your neck. With deliberate slowness, I move to kiss you, studying every inch of your face before my eyes meet yours. I ghost my lips across your mouth, a soft, almost delicate touch compared to the mauling of earlier. More featherlight kisses follow until I draw a groan from you, and a smile quirks the corners of my lips as the touch of them becomes firmer and I curl my tongue into the warm, inviting cavern of your mouth, tasting ale and pizza as I kiss you soundly.

Éomer: It is difficult to say which of your moods heat my body more. The initial joining is always full of heat and urgency, but this slow seduction has the allure of pleasure denied and therefore more intense. I relax under your caresses, content to let you slowly stoke the fire between us to unbearable heights. I open for your tongue, groaning as you probe me.

My hands glide up your back, gripping firm muscle and sleek skin. This body you borrow from Paris is lovely, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to feel your own scarred skin under my fingers, to know that the strength of you is gotten from defending our people.

But no matter, it is the spirit that resides within this mortal frame that draws me to you, the spirit that I love so well.

My cock stirs back to life under your patient ministrations, and push up, rubbing myself against you, welcoming you into the cradle of my hips as easily as any lass would.

Théo: I wanted you outdoors today, to spend time wrapped up in your body free of enclosed spaces and with the scents of the ocean around us, even though the day is a mite colder than the last day we spent at the beach. And right now the feel of your erection sliding against mine has me moaning and wanting more. I slip my mouth from yours, down along your jaw and onto your neck, leaving a trail of tiny bites as I go before latching onto the soft skin of your shoulder and worrying it with my teeth. At the same time my hand slips between us and strokes your cock, slow, deliberate movements, keeping it that way until you let out a ragged groan and push up into my hand.

The tube is easily to hand, and I coat my cock in rediness before slicking my fingers and easing them inside you as I take your nipple ring between my teeth and tug on it. I work you open, concentrating on the ring of muscle guarding the entrance to your body, pushing three fingertips just inside the rim and circling them slowly, again and again, pressing and probing, sighing at the tight heat that grips them as my mouth moves on your skin. The way your body reacts to my touches tells me all I need to know and I push my fingers into you deeply, making you buck before pulling out and taking hold of my cock. I raise my head to look at your face and smile down at you. Your hair is spread over the blanket and soft gusts of wind catch the strands as I watch and slowly push inside you to the hilt.

Éomer: You rise above me, golden hair haloed against the sky, your cock warm and hard within me. You open my body, stroking my inner gland, pushing at me until you stab it with every thrust. I rise to meet you, my legs open wide and wanton, unable to hold back my cries of rapture. I wrap my fingers around my cock, tugging on my flesh, but wanting to wait for you. I keep myself on the edge, my voice ragged as I pull back from the edge time and again. But finally, I feel you swelling and hardening further inside me, the pressure of you against my ring of muscles a beautiful burn and stretch. A final pull and I am falling, falling forever with you.

You dig yourself into me, short hard jabs as your seed flows into me, your face distorted in your pleasure. It is a sight that warms me on long nights and I’ll call it to mind when it is only me and my own hand that I have for comfort.

I wind my fingers through your short hair, holding you as the tremors susbside.

Théo: Your fingers cause a pleasant tingle over my scalp and down my neck and I push my head against your hand as I lie sprawled on top of you, in no real hurry to move. But you pull the blanket further around us for warmth and I concede that it might be wise to leave the beach behind and head for the shelter of the warehouse. That does not stop me from lying wrapped up in your arms for a few moments more, breathing you in.

Eventually, I shift off you and slip out of you with a groan, and cast around for something to clean us up before beginning to dress and clear the blankets and other things back into the packs. As you finish fastening your breeches, I pull you close, snaking my arms around your waist and under your shirt and my eyes meet yours. I need to say the words, need you to hear them, no matter that you already know them to be true.

"Love you, Mer. Always." I kiss you and smile and remember a treat that I promised myself I would make for you when we met again. "When we get back to the warehouse, I will make you hot chocolate, it is sure to warm you."

Éomer: There is sand rubbing me in uncomfortable places, and I am eager to get to the warehouse and clean us both up thoroughly. I lean into your embrace, so happy to be here with you. Your eyes, so blue and deep, are full of emotion, of love for me. My heart fills with it, this rare gift of love so absolute that it crosses the barrier of time and the walls of the worlds.

“I love you, Théo.”

Twining my fingers with yours, and laughing, I pull you up the path to where the bikes rest.

Hot chocolate, Théo? The wonders of this world are nearly too vast for a simple Rider to comprehend.”

Your laughter joins mine, as we move the bikes along the path. I feel free and happy. Today is a good day.

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