Oct. 22nd, 2006

rohanson: (Guh!)
Théo: I scrunch my toes in the sand, and smile delightedly as the next wavelet swirls around my ankles and pulls the sand out from between the tightly curled digits. The sun shines warmly on my shoulders, and I wade a little deeper, appreciating the practicalities of these loose cotton breeches which reach to just below my knees.

It is a pleasant day, and I felt like spending it outdoors, where Mer and I can feel the breeze in our hair. Later we can take the bikes back to the warehouse and spend the night, but today I had been drawn to the coast so while the sun warms the air, we can relax outdoors.

After making arrangements to meet Mer at the beach near Dave’s cabin, I gathered blankets and towels, although the sea proved colder than last time we spent at the beach, and I think perhaps we will not be swimming today. Food and drink had also gone into the pack, which now rested beside a spread out blanket in a sheltered spot amongst the rocks along with the open shoes that I kicked off to go paddling. I walk a little further, calf deep in the sea, and wait for my cousin to arrive. )

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