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Théo: After Dave leaves I relax on the couch. The pills have removed the restlessness I would usually be feeling while waiting for you to arrive, and I find myself quite happy to sit here, until I hear the bike pull up in the yard. I decide to go and greet you and ease myself off the couch, testing how much weight I can put on my injured foot. I take one tentative step, steadying myself with a hand reached over to the back of the couch, then another. But as I hear the door open, I run out of couch and overbalance just enough to land my full weight on my foot and the pain shoots through the effect of the medicine. I let loose a string of curses and sit down heavily on the arm of the couch to wait for you, brow furrowing into a frown at the deep throbbing of dull pain in my ankle.

Éomer: Karl had told me that the arrangements are to meet at Paris’s warehouse, for though it happens that Paris lives with his lover now, Théo prefers the warehouse. I know that this world has many people in it, so that men may refuse to take a wife if they do not desire it. In ours, we do not have a choice, but I am glad that Dave and Paris have found the happiness of their choosing.

I am concerned that I have misunderstood however, when I arrive and you are not waiting to greet me. I do not wish to intrude where I am not wanted and so I knock, calling your name softly. I am more perplexed when bade me enter without opening the door yourself, but my questions are answered by the sight of you with bandages around your foot.

“Is this your injury or Paris’s?” I ask as I pick you up and settle you on the couch. Now I understand why you have reacted so when I have been wounded.

Théo: The throbbing in my foot is almost forgotten when you walk in and immediately put me back on the couch, half propped up by the pillows. I smile and touch your face, seeing the concern in your eyes.

"Paris'. He twisted his ankle yesterday. It is not serious, but I am supposed to keep my weight off it. He asked if I wanted to wait until next week before shifting, but I wanted to see you." My smile widens, so happy to be with you again and I dig my hands in your hair, pulling you down to me slowly, drinking in the sight of you before kissing you, my body arching off the couch as my tongue snakes around yours, reacquainting myself with your taste. "I have missed you, Mer."

Éomer: Smiling as you pull in close, I delve into your mouth, happy to see you again, too. "I am glad that you decided to have us meet. Because I have missed you."

But I have seen the older you, and his passion and intensity is more than a match for yours, as his is tempered by sadness. But you are my respite from the grief of my life in Rohan, you are what I need to ease my sorrows. And so, though I have writhed under his touch, the passion between us uncontrollable, I have missed your hands on me, your body against mine, and your spirit giving me joy.

I fall into the welcome familiarity of your mouth.

Théo: I lift my injured foot, resting the calf of that leg on the back of the sofa out of the way, and you settle between my thighs as they spread wider. There are things to ask and things to tell, but they can all wait for a while until we have drunk our fill of each other. The kiss continues, long and languid, your arms wrapping round me as my fingers tangle in long silky strands. Your mouth is hard against mine, the strange light-headed feeling making it seem as if I am melting against you and although the pills may have taken away the urgency, they have done nothing to dull the soul deep need for you.

I tilt my hips up, and my hard flesh rubs against yours. I can feel the scrape of the firmer fabric you are trapped in through the soft cloth of these sweatpants and moan, pulling your head back and slipping my mouth down over your chin onto your throat. I lick a broad stripe over the front of it, purring at the rasp of stubble against my tongue before moving round to your neck, pulling your shirt back so I can gently bite the soft skin where neck meets shoulder, nuzzling your ear.

Éomer: As always, when you touch me, my body responds with passion and desire that is never slaked but for a moment when I am with you. The pants you are wearing are soft and do not disguise any of the effects that our kiss has on you.

After I have tasted you thoroughly, we break apart, our faces rubbing, and our hands embracing. “What are you allowed to do for this injury?”

Théo: "I must keep my weight off my foot, and make sure it is not knocked, but apart from that it will not impair me." I squirm under you as if to prove a point, smiling lazily. "These pills I must take for the pain," I motion to the packet on the table. "Make me feel … make me feel as if my head is stuffed with cotton and my body slow to react, almost drowsy, but I am not sleepy although I would not trust myself to wield a sword right now." I hook my uninjured leg around yours, bare foot sliding down your clad calf. "So it would seem that I am at your mercy." My smile widens, eyes playful as they catch yours.

Éomer: The grin in on my face is more than tinged with mischief, I do not doubt. "Is it so? I must devise ways to torture you then."

I lay a palm over your erection that is poking the front of your pants out. "These leggings are soft, but they reveal much." I tighten my fingers as you push against my hand.

Bending over your lap, I mouth the hard flesh below soft cloth. I smile at your groan and then sit back. "Was there something else?"

Théo: The emotions that run through me must be plain on my face. From the look of pleasure at the first touch of your mouth on me in weeks, albeit through a barrier, through the shocked and slightly petulant look of surprise as you sit back when I expected you to continue, to an answering smile and raised eyebrow as I realise you intend to exploit my weaknesses to the full.

"More … please?" I ask with a hopeful smile and a twist of my hips, reaching out to finger a strand of your hair, which seems even more fascinating to me than usual today.

Éomer: Smiling at your hopeful voice, knowing I can deny you nothing, I work your pants off your hips with you raising up to help me. I leave them around your thighs though for I have what I want exposed to me now.

"Since you ask so politely, you may have more. As much more as you want." And I open my mouth, taking you in, content to have you warm and hard in my mouth, with your flavors on my tongue.

Théo: "Thank y …" I start to reply formally with a grin, but the sensation of being engulfed by your hot mouth cuts off my power of speech and it ends in a moan. I watch as you take your fill of me. My cock glistens with your saliva as you slowly pull almost off, keeping the head in your mouth, teasing it with your tongue, which you slide over the slit. You smile around it as my hips buck, my stomach muscles tightening, then ease my length back into your mouth. "Mer …" I let my head fall back against the pillows, melting into the couch as you continue to pleasure me, my fingers playing over your shoulders.

Éomer: I take you deeper, my mouth tightening around you as my hands cradle your balls, caressing slowly, then roughly. My tongue twirls in ever tighter circles around your head, and I moan around you as the slick liquid slides into my mouth.

Moving faster, I concentrate on bringing you to orgasm, wanting you filling my mouth, wanting to feel you convulsing under my hands. You are shaking now, and I push ever harder until I receive the reward for my hard work.

Théo: My body is wracked by tremors as your gifted mouth works on bringing me right to the brink, and I cannot help thrusting up to meet you, groaning at the grip of your throat as you take all of me. I move my head to lock my gaze with yours, and let go with a cry, my cock jerking in your mouth, filling it with my seed and you swallow it down as I shift and surge against you with the force of it, my hands buried in your hair.

With a last gasp, I sink back down to the couch, spent and happy, wanting you against me skin to skin, but there is a problem with that. "You already have me undone, my stallion, and you have not yet taken off your clothes." My fingers tug your shirt from your pants, and pull down the fastening wanting to help get rid of them, needing to help you find your own release. I look up at you as I slip my fingers into your pants, and ease your erection free, groaning at the heavy hot pulse of it in my hand.

Éomer: I arch forward into your stroking hand, moving with you. My body feels heavier as you work me lazily, and I stare down into your eyes, getting lost in the blue, knowing that my own are going hazy when you tighten you fingers.

You push out your tongue, curling it around me as you guide me into your mouth, then pulling back. I rest my knees on the couch, making my pleasure all the more effortless for you, not wanting to irritate your injured foot. Your fingers take a rhythm that brings me gasping, close to the edge.

Théo: My other hand slips over your well muscled thigh, lingering before snaking round behind you and stroking your firm backside, pulling you closer as my tongue flicks over the head of your cock. My hand moves on you firmly, knowing you are close, feeling the tension building.

I pull back and watch as I coax you closer to your release, watch the expressions move across your face and I am gripped by the desire to see you lose control at my hand. I run a finger down the cleft of your buttocks, the lightest of touches finishing you and as I feel your cock about to spill, I swallow you down, groaning at the feel the first spurt of your seed hitting the back of my throat.

Éomer: Your hands know my body so well, and I tremble with the tide of pleasure sweeping through me. I cup your head, helping you take all you can of me. My fingers linger in your soft hair, so short unfortunately, for I wish to wrap it around my fist as you have done mine so many times. When at last my orgasm is over, I pull back, trailing my hand down your chest, before adjusting my breeches and help you with yours.

I sit down beside you, pulling your feet into my lap. I rub them absently, "What shall we do that will allow you to rest?" Your eyes look sleepy again.

Théo: Your hands on my feet feel blissful, and it takes a moment to concentrate on what you asked me. "Dave left plenty of food in the fridge and some movies for us to watch." There is a pile of them on the low table just within reach and I pick up the top box and hand it to you. "It is about a snake and a grail, I think, and he thought we would find it humorous."

Stretching my hand out again towards the table, I pick up the controller that he showed me how to use and aim it at the television screen, pressing one of the buttons. A small drawer opens below it, and pressing the button another couple of times makes it go in and out. This amuses me greatly and I turn to you with a wide smirk on my face which rapidly turns into laughter.

Éomer: A snake and grail? I cannot understand why anyone would want a snake in a drinking vessel, but much in this world is incomprehensible to me. I watch in amazement while you play with the mechanism. But the look on your face has me suspicious. "I believe that you should not exert yourself so, with your injury. I will take charge of that device so that you may rest."

Holding out my hand, I smirk at you, but you seem loathe to part with it.

Théo: I reluctantly hand it over to you with a pout and a smile. It occurs to me that you may already know about these machines as you have been coming here for much longer than I have, but just in case you don't, I explain. "The silver disc sits in the little drawer. Then you push the blue button and the movie plays." I feel quite smug for having mastered this small task, even though it is not nearly as difficult as other things I have learnt in this world.

Éomer: I take the remote solemnly, trying to keep my face serious. “I am honoured by your faith in me.”

The words were meant as a jest, but they set up echoes of my last meeting with you in Edoras and the night I spent in the arms of my beloved prince. And when I speak again, my tone is still light, but I become earnest. “I found your gift, the bracelet. You tied on my wrist yourself. Thank you, it is beautiful.” And though I thanked him in every way that I knew how, it was you who made it.

Théo: "I did?" It takes a moment for it to register what that means, and when it does, I sit up slipping an arm around you and kissing your shoulder. "I am glad you found it, and I am happy that he … I was the one who fastened it onto your wrist." From what you have told me, I know that you and I do not see much of each other in your time, and that this will have meant a lot to you. "Did you get to spend time with … me?" It is an odd thing to ask, and it feels as if I am prying and I almost take it back, but then, the person I am asking about is me … I decide to let you make up your own mind about whether you answer or not, and decide not to think on time and it's twists and turns any more tonight, as I cannot concentrate enough to make sense of things. I run my hand soothingly down your back.

Éomer: Though he is so different from you, that it almost seems impossible that you are the same person, there is one thing that does not change, no matter what world or time I inhabit. I love you with every beat of my heart.

But he did not seem to expect us to share the night when he found me, so I will keep it to myself and let you discover it, a happy surprise, I think. But my smile is content as I lean into your encircling arm, and I will let you draw whatever conclusions you will. “I did. It was the occasion of your father’s birthday, so we were both at Meduseld.”

Théo: I smile and nod, nuzzling your shoulder. "Good, I am glad." The smile on your face is enough to tell me that whatever happened, it made you happy, and I do not need to know anything more. I think that perhaps it would be a good idea to note when this is to happen, though, and know it is one thing I will remember, despite my mind being so clouded today.

My own news of another shift from Rohan can wait until later. I want to enjoy time with you first. I kiss your neck, breathing in your scent, so happy to be able to wrap myself up in you again, even if I do not feel entirely like myself today. My eyes close briefly and I realise how easy it would be to doze the day away, which I do not want to do, so I make a suggestion. "I think there is ice cream in the freezer. Perhaps we could share some while we watch the movie?" It is strange not to be able to just get off the couch and fetch it for us, but I will make sure I take good care of you next time we meet as you are going to have to do all the work today.

Éomer: I smile at you fondly. Ice cream is a small enough request and easily done. With a last pat on your leg, I place your feet on the couch while I go to explore Paris’s cold storage. There are many flavors to choose from and once again, the luxuriousness of this world astounds me. I finally settle on something labeled “Mardi Gras” although I do not know the meaning of those words. But the treat is a riot of purple and green, laced with nuts and small bits of colored sweets. I was not sure that it was meant to be food, but after I tested it, I found it delicious.

I return to you with bowls piled high and large spoons for us. You are still behaving as though you are on the verge of sleep, so I arrange us both so that we are comfortable and give you the device.

“I am ready for this grail.”

Théo: The last time I remember feeling like this, I was a child and had caught a fever bad enough to be confined to bed. There is no ill feeling this time, but there is a definite need to be cared for, and a craving to take comfort in being close to you, and you are satisfying those needs completely. My eyes widen at the ice cream you have found, full of all sorts of tasty bits and pieces, and I poke around with my spoon, picking nuts and other things out to taste as I settle against you with my foot balanced on a pile of cushions at the other end of the couch.

Aiming the device at the screen, I press the button and the movie begins, the screen filling with scrolling words, which go on for a long time before mist fills the screen, and there is the sound of hoof beats. But when the rider emerges from the mist, he is pretending to ride a horse and a small man is following him, bashing things together to make the sound. I smirk at the sight around a spoonful of ice-cream.

Éomer: Staring at the screen, I wonder why they do not have real horses, for they seem plentiful in this world, despite their uses for pleasure only. I try to follow the speeches, which seem exceeding silly and no one would go into battle wearing that ridiculous gear. But I am with you, and we are piled together, eating this bright ice cream and the contents of the movie are unimportant.

But I laugh out loud at the holy men and their books. I have been tempted to do the same thing during my days of schooling. I always resented that my rank required me to learn to read and write the language of Gondor. But the best part is feeling you also shaking with laughter, where you rest against my chest.

Théo: It is am amusing tale, although it moves too fast for me to take everything in. I can see why Dave would recommend to as I can see how it suits his quirky sense of humour. I lean a little further back, and my fingers absently play with the seam on your pants as we watch.

One of the knights is drawn to a castle which they call Anthrax and it gets my full attention as it is filled with attractive women, many in very little clothing. They seem set on seducing the knight, and I look forward to their coupling but just as the knight decides to give them what they want, another knight drags him away. With a sigh, I turn and nuzzle your arm, letting my eyes close for just a moment, feeling utterly content to be sitting here relaxing with you.

Éomer: The movie finally winds to its very confusing end with worlds and times colliding and I am forced to wonder if our situation is not as much of a secret as Karl would like it to be. But then I remember a trick that you taught me long ago, that the easiest way to hide something is not to hide it at all. Perhaps that is what they attempt with these films, though I do not recognize any of the players.

I dismiss it from my mind, for it is a problem of this world, and my own world has its own difficulties. I turn the television off and turn you around so that I may kiss you. I am not certain that you remained awake for the duration of the film, your breathing seemed very deep at times.

Your head drops back against the curve of my arm. “What would you like to do now?”

Théo: "I do not think I am fit for much today." I say with an apologetic smile. The tablets seem to be wearing off. The dull ache in my ankle is beginning to throb and I can see by looking at the clock, it will not be long before I need to take more. The tight bandage around it feels itchy and uncomfortable too. "Perhaps we could have something to eat?"

I snuggle against you and feel a pang of guilt. I have to admit I am enjoying being in your care like this, but am not exactly interesting company right now. "I am sorry, Mer, I wanted to see you so much that I did not want to pass up this opportunity, and it cannot be much fun for you, tending to an invalid."

Éomer: I stare at you, thinking you must be jesting. And the self-pitying note is one that I have but rarely heard in your voice. I decide that your foot must be paining you more than you will admit.

I put your foot in my lap again and unwrap the bindings. I smirk at you. “Are you pouting, Théo?” With one hand cupping your heel to keep it steady, my fingers slide softly over the injury. The place does feel a bit warm, but no more than a sprain or a muscle strain. I am amused, for there is nothing I would rather do than be here with you, and it does not matter to me that we cannot do anything more energetic than sit on Paris’s couch. We are together and it is enough. I do not recall you being such a difficult patient.

Touching you gently, this time running a finger along your toes, I smile. “I am perfectly content to be here, and I am glad that you insisted. And if you are hungry, I will gladly prepare something.” I smirk again. “If you trust my skills in the kitchen.”

Théo : "Pouting? I am not …" I do not pout … A sheepish smile curls the corners of my mouth, banishing the petulant pout from my face as I realise that is exactly what I was doing. Having to be inactive is not something I am used to. If I am injured back home, unless Wulf knocks me out fully with one of his draughts, I always find a way to be on my feet, but I am aware that since I only have use of this body, I must abide by Dave's wishes.

My sigh is one of relief as you unwind the tight bandages and your hands work their magic, soothing the ache with such gentle caresses. My whole body relaxes and I stare at you as you speak, the pleasurable feelings that you are causing distracting me from your words. As my brain catches up, I smile a blissful smile, glad that you are content, and so glad of your touch. "The ice cream was a fine choice, so perhaps I can trust your skills." I tease. "So I will put myself in your hands." And I hope that will involve much more touching after we have eaten.

Éomer: Releasing your foot, I look around for your medicine. "You take your next dose and I will see what I may find for dinner." After I stand up, I bend down to you, kissing you thoroughly, my tongue tasting the lingering sweetness of the ice cream. You look more relaxed when I finish, and I will try to keep that look on your face.

In the kitchen, I find plenty of eggs, a variety of vegetables and a container of cooked grain, which I have learned is called rice. I mix everything together with milk and put it in a frying pan, letting them cook together. There are some long yellow fruits, which give me ideas, but I decide it would not be safe.

Laughing to myself, I pour tall glasses of milk for us, knowing you would prefer beer. I put everything on a tray and bring it to you, setting it on the low table.

Théo: I swallow the tablets, and lie back, breathing in the delicious smells that soon start to float through from the kitchen, and my natural curiosity has me longing to be in their with you, watching as you prepare the food and tasting bits and pieces. You are back in what seems like no time with a large tray laden with food and I realise I must have dozed while you were gone. I prop myself up on a pile of pillows and give you a wide smile of thanks, taking the plate you offer and the glass.

"Milk?" I roll my eyes, grinning, knowing that you must be finding this amusing, and take a long drink. It leaves white marks around the corners of my mouth which I wipe away with the back of my hand before tucking into what you have made for us. It is delicious and we eat in a companionable silence for a while until we have taken the edge off our appetites. Then I remember I have things to tell you. "I shifted in a couple of times while you were gone. Paris let me ride Cavalo. He was the perfect choice, Mer. A magnificent beast for a gelding, full of spirit and they are a good match for each other."

Éomer: I eat hungrily, just now realising how little the ice cream satisfied my appetite. I smile at your reaction to the milk and I am tempted to lick the milk away from your face myself. The food seems to put you in a better mood and I am happy that I can care for you as well as you have done for me. We have been together here in Wellington some few times when either Karl or I had been injured. And then there are the times when you have hurt me for our pleasure . . . you have tested me severely those times, but the aftermath has always been everything I for which I could think to ask of a lover.

“Paris liked the horse? I am glad to hear so, for Cavalo is indeed a gem.” I wonder if I should ask you about Dave’s reactions the day we hunted for the horse. “Is Paris able to spend time with him? His lover seemed to think that we stole time from Paris that he could better spend elsewhere.”

Théo: "Yes, he did and he rides him almost every day. He told me that he intends to thank you himself when time permits." I chase the last of the grains around the plate with my fork, finally catching them and devouring the last mouthful before slipping my plate back on the tray where it rests on the table.

"Dave is very protective of Paris and I think that causes him to speak hastily at times, but we have come to our own agreements and are building a friendship, which I think helps him to trust us. The day I rode Cavalo, he found me at the stables and took me to a place where they serve so many different types of coffee that it would be impossible to sample them all in one day." My eyes light up at the memory of the tastes and smells, but I also remember why we ended up there in the first place and explain. "I was in need of counsel, and he took me there and gave me some good advice." Smiling softly, I reach out and slip my hand onto your neck. "It was not only your touch I missed while you were gone."
Éomer: I approve of Dave's instinct's towards Paris, although I do not think they are necessary. It seems to me that Paris is well able to care for himself. And I am amused by your addiction to the bitter drink that is so common in this world. I do not like it without much sweetening, although Karl seems to have a large supply of it too. Dave was wise to win your over in that way.

But it is odd that Dave would advise you and not Faramir.

"For what reason did you need counsel, cousin? And what trouble is there in this world that is your duty to resolve?" For that is the only explanation for Dave helping you that is sensible. I hope that there is not another Balrog or other demon from our world loose in this one.

Théo: "A farmboy from the Westfold has begun to shift. I was in the Ship when he first shifted in, and brought him here for safety. He is young and untried, although his brother, Coenred, is one of my riders and a good man. I felt duty bound to take responsibility for him, and that is something I leave behind when I come here to meet you." I snuggle against the back of the couch as we talk.

"Dave found me in the stables after my ride. I was feeling … " Sorry for myself? Yes, that is true, and I was very likely pouting now I come to think of it. "Glum about it, and missing you also, so he made me see that it is not my duty to be personally responsible for Ceorl when he is here. He reminded me that this is not Rohan and any responsibility must be shared between all those who shift, from both worlds." I smile ruefully. "I sometimes have to remind myself that I am not in charge here."

Éomer: That is indeed curious, that some one so removed from our own lives would shift here. I wonder uncomfortably if I should ask Karl for more information about the magic that brings us to his world. I have not wanted to know how our world affected his, and have simply wanted to spend time here with you, as you said, without responsibility. We both have enough of that at home.

“A farmboy? Perhaps he will not encounter any trouble. I am glad that Dave was able to help you and I am sorry that I could not be here when you needed me. ” Karl has remained in Wellington for so long this time that I had forgotten all the strange places he has been. I do not wish to remind you of the year that Karl was away. It is his job to travel sometimes, and I know that I cannot keep him here, if he must go. But these thoughts do me no good, and are unnecessary today. We are together and I pray that we may stay so for a very long time. And I cling to the memory of how it was with your older self, knowing that we have more to share in this world.

Théo: "Paris knows Ceorl's other so I am leaving things in his capable hands unless he asks for my help." But you look pensive, and I seek to put your mind at rest, drawing you to me and wrapping my arms around you. "And there is no need to apologise. I know Karl has his life to lead, as does Paris and that may mean times when we cannot see each other often. That does not mean I have to like it, but it is bearable knowing that we can be together when they are here and can make time for us. We owe them a great debt and I wish there was some way we could repay them."

Éomer: I do not doubt that the way Karl would prefer to be rewarded for his tolerance is to be rid of me. But I cannot help but think that there is some larger purpose for us coming here, and it is not Ilúvatar granting my fondest wishes.

“Why are we here? To help them perhaps, but Karl has asked me for help only when he faced the Wargs and the Balrog. Are we the tools of evil that we weaken them?” I pull you closer, not liking the way my thoughts have wandered, and not wanting to upset you. I regret the words and bend to kiss you, thinking that perhaps it is time for you to nap.

“I would like to hold you while you rest.” I smooth your hair, nestling you against my shoulder.

Théo: "Tools of evil? No, love, we are not." I move in your arms so I can see your eyes, saddened by the doubt that clouds them and I hope I can help banish it. "Evil does come through the portal, but so does good, to balance it perhaps. I think there is a reason for all this that has not yet been revealed, and until it is, we can continue to give our shifts aid where we can." Your touch on my hair is soothing and I put my hand on your neck, fingers moving in circles on the soft spot behind your ear.

"I want you to hold me. If you help me upstairs, we could lie skin to skin on the bed for a while? I think that might make me feel better." I tease gently, wanting to see you smile again and needing to feel you against me with no barriers between us. My head may still feel fuzzy, but I refuse to let that stop me from making the most of our time together.

Éomer: Your words reassure me, but I know that evil started this process and I can but hope that good will finish it in the end. Whatever the end may be, and there are few who can know that. I smile, standing up. “I would like that too. Having you next to me always helps me feel better.”

I wrap one arm around your waist, with your bad ankle between us. I am not quite big enough to carry you that far, and up the stairs. When we reach your room, I assist you in easing back on the bed.

“Let me,” I murmur as your hands go to the shirt you wear and I move them away. Stripping you, whether for lovemaking or not, is something I enjoy immensely. I pull your clothes off gently and then remove my own, before laying down beside you and holding you close.

Théo: I shiver with pleasure as you wrap yourself round me, and I let out a long breath as I snuggle against your chest, melting against you. Raising my head, I capture your lips in a soft kiss and lose myself for a moment in the warmth of your hazel eyes. "Love you. So much."

But I can hardly keep my own eyes open, and duck my head under your chin, burying my face in your neck. This time I do not fight it, rather let myself slip into the half asleep state that this medicine induces. I wish that I had been up to pursuing our usual activities and not been hampered by the effects of Paris' injury, but am glad we had this quiet time together. I snuffle a little as I doze and shift in your arms before I let true sleep pull me under, a feeling of contentment filling me.

Éomer: I am not sleepy, but I will gladly hold you while you slumber, the warm weight of you filling my arms. I press a kiss to your brow, glad that you have found some rest from this injury, hoping that you truly understand that I do not mind spending this quiet time with you. And indeed, I find myself carefully saving the memory of this day in my heart as a small moment of peace in our lives.

I close my eyes as the shadows lengthen, content.

Brief NC-17 at the beginning
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