Feb. 26th, 2006

rohanson: (Nature Boy)
Théo: After Dave leaves I relax on the couch. The pills have removed the restlessness I would usually be feeling while waiting for you to arrive, and I find myself quite happy to sit here, until I hear the bike pull up in the yard. I decide to go and greet you and ease myself off the couch, testing how much weight I can put on my injured foot. I take one tentative step, steadying myself with a hand reached over to the back of the couch, then another. But as I hear the door open, I run out of couch and overbalance just enough to land my full weight on my foot and the pain shoots through the effect of the medicine. I let loose a string of curses and sit down heavily on the arm of the couch to wait for you, brow furrowing into a frown at the deep throbbing of dull pain in my ankle.

Éomer: Karl had told me that the arrangements are to meet at Paris’s warehouse, for though it happens that Paris lives with his lover now, Théo prefers the warehouse. I know that this world has many people in it, so that men may refuse to take a wife if they do not desire it. In ours, we do not have a choice, but I am glad that Dave and Paris have found the happiness of their choosing.

I am concerned that I have misunderstood however, when I arrive and you are not waiting to greet me. I do not wish to intrude where I am not wanted and so I knock, calling your name softly. I am more perplexed when bade me enter without opening the door yourself, but my questions are answered by the sight of you with bandages around your foot.

Is this your injury or Paris's? )

Brief NC-17 at the beginning

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