Feb. 12th, 2006

rohanson: (White vest)
Takes place a few hours after Paris and Ryssa's celebration.

Théo: Since Paris is staying at the warehouse for a few days while Dave is away, I thought I would take the opportunity to shift in and finish reading the tale I started weeks ago. But the sight that greets me as I reach the bottom of the stairs is an unusual one. The low table by the couches is laden with small open boxes half full of food. There are dirty plates also and mugs and bottles so I can only guess that Paris and a friend ate here last night, although Paris is not one to leave such a mess until morning.

I consider leaving it as it is, but I will be happier sitting reading if it is out of sight, so with a sigh, I decide to clear it up into the kitchen, then Paris can deal with it in the morning. It only takes a few minutes, and once it is done, I find the book I want on the shelves and sit on the couch, relaxing and losing myself in the words.

Ryssa A glance at the clock through the crack in my eyelids confirms that it’s still the middle of the night. Never matters how much water I drink before I go to bed after drinking too much, I always wake up in the night wanting more.

Padding down the stairs, I find myself face to face with Paris )

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