Dec. 2nd, 2005

rohanson: (Theo)
Mer and I walk through the streets of Wellington dressed in leather and mesh on our way to meet Darla, the server from the leather shop.

The morning I went back to the shop to buy the cuffs, I had a long conversation with her, and she told me of a club in Wellington that she thought my partner and I might enjoy. A place in this world where those who have similar tastes to us can come together and, as she put it, “party”. I admitted to being intrigued and asked her more. She called it Lucid, and when I told her I was rarely in town and did not know of such a place, she quite happily volunteered to take us both.

She gave me her phone number, and a few days before I was due to see Mer again, I shifted in just after Paris had fallen asleep and called her to make arrangements. And now she is waiting for us as we approach the place she suggested we meet her. I smile at her and she waves in greeting. She is tall and slim, her black hair shot through with dark red strands, and a soft ankle length leather coat moves around her as she walks towards us, revealing her long legs accentuated by high heels and a very short leather skirt. As she reaches us, she embraces me with a smug smile and slips a small heavy box into my pocket as she kisses my cheek. When she steps back I give her a tiny nod of thanks and introduce you both, and we continue on our way.

When we arrive, the throb of the music hits us even before we have paid our way in and left our jackets with an attendant. Darla turns and smiles at us before leading us downstairs into the club, the beat wrapping around and pulsing through us.

"Enjoy! I’ll catch you guys later"

With a wink, she flits off through the crowd. )

NC-17 with mild D/S situations

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