rohanson: (Theodred)
... where am I?

... sprawled on the ground, but this place is ... not right. How did I get here?

There's a rustle behind me, and I turn slowly. An Ent! A ... small one, but it is an Ent. I reach out, and run my hand through it's leaves. But this isn't where I am supposed to be. Where am I?

I swallow. I can't remember ... who I am. There was blood, and water and ... horses? I inspect my body for damage, but there is none. None at all. Surely that is wrong, but I can't remember why that would be. These clothes? They are ... not mine? The only thing I know is that that ... that is an Ent.

Trees. I was in the trees? The buildings here and the woods bordering this place are not familiar to me. As I get to my feet, I cast a glance back at the Ent, incline my head towards it, and make for the trees.

I feel weak, disorientated, and this slows my progress, but since I do not know where I am going ... I need to find somewhere to rest. I sink into a hollow in front of a large tree, and let my head fall back against the trunk. Just a moment, then I'll move on, see if I can find anything familiar ... but how do I know that all this isn't familiar? I can't remember ... I just know this place isn't where I should be.

My eyes are closing, I'm so tired, just need to rest ...

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