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The morning after Faramir finds Theodred in the woods, Paris wakes back in Dave's bed and finally they talk and um ...

Time for truth, time for answers ...

Eventually NC-17
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If you trust me ...
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Paris: *the lumber for the hot tub support had arrived earlier that day, and I had spent the afternoon with the guys from the lumber yard unloading, then put the final touches to the porch. I had seen Dave finishing the walls off, and had to admit I was impressed with his hard work. For someone who wasn't used to physical graft, he didn't mind getting stuck in. I showered, and grabbed a couple of cold ones from the fridge, before heading out to join Dave*

Dave: *I'm leaning on the windowsill, smiling out at the porch, pondering whether adding a rocking chair out there would make it look like an old man lives here. I hear the now-familiar sounds of the fridge and the clinking of beers, and Paris padding up behind me. Don't look at his feet, Dave, just take a beer and smile *you did it. It looks so great! I need to get some furniture out there really soon so we can enjoy what you've built. *your hair's still wet from the shower, and a small drop of water runs down your neck. I take a long gulp of beer, glad it's cold and distracting*

Thanks! I'm quite proud of it! )

First Day

May. 24th, 2004 11:54 pm
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Dave: *Paris managed to pull off a few minor miracles today, as well as the front porch. Pulling it off, that is. Now that it's completely down, it can be rebuilt from scratch. I still can't believe my good fortune to have him helping with all this. We've called for pizzas, I bought a small fridge today so we can at least keep some beers cold until the kitchens redone, and now we've both collapsed on the couch* I still can't believe you pulled that porch down like that, Paris! I swore that roof was going to get your head, but you're faster than you look!

You thought it was gonna get me? There was one moment where I thought it was too! )

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