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Part Two

Jay: I've been waitin' in the hall for what seemed like forever, tryin' not to pace as I looked out the wire-reinforced window. I'd thought about goin' out for a smoke, tryin' to calm my nerves, but I'd wanted to be right here if they needed me. . .if Theo needed me.

The door to the King's room opens quietly, and Theo steps out lookin' like he just ran a race. He looks so exhausted, and his shoulders hunch as if he's carryin' the weight of the world on 'em. He looks like I've felt for the past week.

He looks at me with a shaky little smile as he steps to my corner by the window, a hopeful gleam in his tired eyes. He doesn't say anythin' for a moment, then puts his head down on my shoulder with a heavy sigh. I wrap my arms around the back of his shoulders, returnin' some of the strength I know he just lost in that room. Damn if he don't need it. I press my lips against his hair, smelling of shampoo and second-hand smoke, and reply to his sigh with one of my own.

You did good Theo. Real good. )
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Part One

Theodred: We travel to the hospital in silence. In truth, no more than a handful of words have passed our lips since the shower, but this is not a silence of anger or tension, this is the silence that can hang between two people who truly don’t need words to know each other’s thoughts. A comfortable silence, both of us knowing where we go, neither of us needing idle words to fill the empty spaces between us, because now there are no spaces.

We both know the task ahead of us may be insurmountable, but take strength from the fact that we are not alone any more. We have each other and now we are bound together, closer than brothers, a bond forged in blood is a bond not easily unmade.

As we left Bernard's house, Jay handed me two things. A worn copy of The Two Towers, the tattered condition of the pages a testimony to how well read, well loved it had once been, and a pair of "shades", identical to the ones he wears. These, I put straight on, turning and grinning at him. He grinned back, and we headed down to the car.

The drive has given me time to skim through the book ... )
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Jay: It's only 8:30a.m., but I'm already on the road, tearing through the sleepy streets towards the address on the little card Paris had given me. I really, really hope that kid hasn't skipped town yet, else I'm shit outta luck for at least a week. The thought of having leave Dad in that fucking snake pit for another seven days is enough to make me push the gas pedal down just a little more. I only hope this'll work.

I pass by Paris' place three times before I realize it's tucked back behind the row of houses on the street, practically hidden from sight behind a thicket of trees. It's a nice, nice place, though by the looks of the construction materials piled nearby it's still a work in progress. I park the car in the driveway, locking the doors and setting the alarm as I climb up the stairs to the porch. Just as my hand hits the doorbell, I realize I probably should've called first, since if Paris is gone I'm gonna have to explain to this Dave fella who I am and why the hell I'm beatin' down his door first thing in the morning.

Oh well. Too fucking late now. I cross my arms and fiddle with my keys, waiting, hoping, trying hard not to let the pounding in my chest get too loud as I wait for someone to answer the door.

Theodred: I wake with a ringing in my ears, and it takes me a moment to remember that I am not now in Rohan, but in this new world that Faramir tried to explain to me yesterday. It really makes no difference where I am, as my memory still fails me. I sigh, and go in search of the source of the annoying ringing sound. I heard Dave leave earlier this morning, and know that I am alone here, so must be on my guard. I approach the door, which seems to be the source of the sound, and through the glass see an unkempt man standing on the doorstep, his impatience clear even from this distance. He sees me, and motions for me to open the door, recognition in his eyes.

Faramir told me that my “shift” from this world is called Paris, and that he is a carpenter with few friends yet in this town, but this man knows me. I open the door to let him in and he sweeps past me, his urgency clear. I know I will not have to wait long for him to speak!

Glad I caught you before you left, Paris! )

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