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Happens straight after Theo and Jay's night on the beach and Morgoth grabs an opportunity

I lie and watch the fire for a while after Jay falls asleep, but it is not the heat from the dying flames that keeps me warm, rather the heat we built between us, the heat that lingers around us as we lie curled together. He moans a little every now and then, moving closer, if that is possible. Last night as I held him I wondered what memories filled his dreams. Tonight I know, and when he whimpers against my skin, his brow creasing, I stroke his hair until he slips back into dreamless slumber.

Sighing, I bury my face in his neck. I know what I need to do; I need to talk to Paris. I have not spoken to him for days, and must tell him about my father, must tell him that in a few hours, once dawn lights the sky, I will shift back. Relaxing, I feel my way to the link that joins us, and seek him out.

Paris? )
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A son of Middle Earth, and a son of Modern Earth. I am fascinated by the opportunity that is presented to me, even as they draw closer together. I watch as they learn each other, see the closeness they feel growing between them. I learn their strengths, and their weaknesses. The son of Modern Earth so raw, yet so strong. A son of Iron. And his counterpart, the Prince of Rohan, shining steel, he is. I smile as I begin to maneuver their circumstances, so similar to the creation of a sword, this is. They are akin to two raw metals. Their father’s situation provides the heat needed to soften them both to my will. They cling to each other – just as two metals will fold over themselves yet still remain separate, they wrap around and around each other.

And the forging begins
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Takes place the same evening as this.

Chinese food is indeed enjoyable, I just wish I'd had more of an appetite, but did I try a little of everything. Noodles and rice were new textures to me, and tasty, and the pieces of pork roasted with spices to make it pink and sweet were delicious. Chicken served with small curved nuts was another dish I enjoyed, but I think my favourites were the egg rolls, which, I was surprised to learn, are Paris' favourites too.

There were small, sweet, crunchy things to eat after the meal, which, when broken in half, revealed strips of paper with cryptic words on them. Mine said "Everything is not yet lost". Given my current situation, I folded the small strip of paper and put it in my pocket. Daves said "Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding your life." I noticed he did the same.

Meeting Paris )
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Takes place at the same time as this

It is not an unpleasant place to be, sitting here out in the open, looking down over the trees, but I feel so disconnected. I am unsure as to what is dream, and what is reality. I know Faramir tells me that there are two realities, and I can visit this one, but I live in the other, the one I have no memory of, but it will take time for me to get used to this. I do not understand why I would want to return here after I regain my memories, surely I will want to go back to my home, and allow Paris to return to his?

After showing me how their shift works, Faramir turned into Dave, and back again, which was an amazing sight, Faramir shifted out, promising to return in a few days, and left me to get to know Dave. He gave me a tour of his home, including an introduction to the shower! A marvellous invention! Water pounded down on my head and shoulders, and I feel wonderfully clean! An amazing place indeed, to have a hot waterfall indoors whenever it is required. He showed me where to find food and drink, how to use the coffee machine, which produces a rich warming drink, and how to use the … phone? If I lift up this talking device, and press numbers in a certain order, the person who speaks will bring prepared meals to us. He suggested that tonight we try Chinese food, and assures me I will enjoy it. I’m looking forward to trying these new tastes, but can’t help feeling I should be doing something, not sitting around sampling new dishes while my counterpart attempts to help me. I dislike feeling so … useless.

I have caught Dave looking at me with sadness in his eyes more than once. It is not hard to see that he feels more than mere friendship for the man who’s body I inhabit, and that having me here, wearing his face, cannot be easy for him. I reassured him that as soon as I regain my memories and strength, I will return to Rohan so Paris can return to him, and that I’m grateful for their help.

I am attempting to read the book he gave me, "The Fellowship of the Ring". It is written by the sorcerer Tolkien, the one who caused our worlds to open to each other and I think Dave intended it to act as an introduction to my world, but I know nothing of hobbits, or elves, or rings and frequently find myself putting it to one side, unable to concentrate. Faramir told me of my life, the people in it, my Father, my cousins, told me who I am, but there is a difference in being told something, and knowing it, feeling it in you heart, and he holds something back, I know that. Something in his eyes, a touch of sorrow, disturbs me.

A long sigh escapes me as I gather up my book and empty mug and make my way back indoors. The air has grown colder, and I feel the need of another coffee to warm me. One thing I know. I cannot take many more of these empty days without falling into madness! My strength is returning and I need something more than tales of hobbits to occupy my time. Whatever my life is like back in my home world, I do not think I spend a lot of time sitting reading childrens fables. Tossing the book down on the table, I head off to the kitchen in search of coffee.
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The first thing I see when I open my eyes is Dave. I've been sleeping spooned against his back, where I've wanted to be for weeks now, arms around him, his shoulder within kissing distance.

I nuzzle his neck, moving the hand that was holding him close against me lower. )

Starts off NC-17
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Paris: It's dark, and I'm snuggled up against Dave, half awake, half asleep, when Theodred pulls me in. I know he's alone and hurt, and should have expected the nightmare, but this time, I can reach through the link between us, and it's different, open, I can feel him, this time, he can feel me.

"It's a nightmare, Theo; let it go, let yourself sleep, dream of Eowyn"

Theodred: Noise of battle surrounds me, I turn, and everywhere, my escape is blocked. I have no weapon to fight and they are closing in around me ...

A voice slips through the darkness, a voice I do not know, but it calms me, calls me by the name Eowyn uses when she is close to me, eyes bright. I follow the voice, and I'm lying in her arms, soft and welcoming, and I sleep ...

Paris: Smiling, I follow him into dreams ...
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As Theodred shifts in, a concerned Faramir offers to help a worried Dave search for Paris ...

The hunt ...
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... where am I?

... sprawled on the ground, but this place is ... not right. How did I get here?

There's a rustle behind me, and I turn slowly. An Ent! A ... small one, but it is an Ent. I reach out, and run my hand through it's leaves. But this isn't where I am supposed to be. Where am I?

I swallow. I can't remember ... who I am. There was blood, and water and ... horses? I inspect my body for damage, but there is none. None at all. Surely that is wrong, but I can't remember why that would be. These clothes? They are ... not mine? The only thing I know is that that ... that is an Ent.

Trees. I was in the trees? The buildings here and the woods bordering this place are not familiar to me. As I get to my feet, I cast a glance back at the Ent, incline my head towards it, and make for the trees.

I feel weak, disorientated, and this slows my progress, but since I do not know where I am going ... I need to find somewhere to rest. I sink into a hollow in front of a large tree, and let my head fall back against the trunk. Just a moment, then I'll move on, see if I can find anything familiar ... but how do I know that all this isn't familiar? I can't remember ... I just know this place isn't where I should be.

My eyes are closing, I'm so tired, just need to rest ...
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...meanwhile, somewhere in Scotland, a would be writer with a Rohirrim fixation posts the first chapter of what she knows is a brilliant piece of work to a fanfiction site. Then she gets to work on chapter two, dreaming of the glowing feedback, and award nominations she just knows will follow, unaware of how her actions have changed the course of history in another world ...

The Tales of Bregdan Part One - The Spell is Cast

The scrying bowl never lies, that is what my mentor Glorfindel taught me. I, Bregdan, the only sheildmaiden of Rohan ever to be considered worthy enough to be taught by the elves. The scrying bowl tells me he will die, Theodred, the flaxen-haired warrior I give my protection to, but he will not! I will use all my power to save him, but it will bind him to me, make me irresistable to him, draw him to me.

Eowyn, my cousin, will not understand, but if it is to save his life, I will do it willingly. No sacrifice is too great for him.

The bowl shows him in the midst of battle, and I turn all my power outwards, weaving my spell, using the bowl to concentrate it. The orc spear that was meant for him from the dawn of time flies past, the spell is cast. I fall to the gound in a faint, and my last thought as darkness takes me is that I have done my part and now the rest is up to him.

I spend my time tending my herb garden, and braiding Shadowfair’s mane, thankful for the company of the Mearas that graces my life, as I wait for him. I know it may be days, but he will find me. He will be drawn to me, and I will tend his wounds when he arrives, and keep him from harm as he heals,

All I have to do is wait.

Archived here.
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Theodred pushed his way into the Golden Hall, heart heavy, needing the comfort good company and good ale would bring. For once, he had left Brego in the care of Widfara, too weary to take care of the stallion himself, and for once, he knew Brego understood why.

The village had burned. They had got there too late, and he could still taste the ash that had filled the air. He had become hardened to the sight of death; warriors died in defence of their people, their lands, it was inevitable, especially in these dark times, but the children …

When the fighting had turned in their favour, and the last attackers were running, he had sent half of his men after them, and taken the rest back to the village to survey the damage, check for survivors. And that’s when he found them. Two children, no more than 5 years old, and a woman, probably their mother, lying in the dirt, hacked to death, their blood staining the ground. His hadn’t been the only pale face at the sight. The very things they were fighting for lay dead at their feet, and he had felt a feeling of futility wash over him. The attacks were growing in frequency and ferocity and his father wouldn’t listen to anyone but Wormtongue. Even his own son was ignored. Theodred had sighed, and had gone to help with the survivors, leaving Brego to rest for a while by a drinking trough that had survived the carnage.

Dragging his thoughts back to the present, Theodred spotted Eomer sitting in his usual place, and pushed his way through the people filling the hall to join him. He was in great need of his cousin’s company tonight.
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