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Dave: An empty pizza box is on the floor, and a half full one is on the bed, somewhere near our feet. We've got one slice of double cheese between us, and are fighting over who gets to bite the point off of it. You fake left, I go right, we both dart back and end up in a kiss, the pizza slice forgotten for the moment. I still haven't gotten my fill of kissing you, or touching your face, stroking your hair, it's almost as if I'm afraid to stop, or you'll be taken away again. But I want to indulge your every craving, and I know you wanted ice cream. Come on, Dave, he'll still be here in three minutes! "That strawberry ice cream's downstairs. Want me to get you some?"

That was exactly what I needed. Dave and Pizza )
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It's late when I finally get home. Funny that, only been here a couple of weeks, and it feels like the nearest thing I’ve had to a home in a long time. Guess that has a lot to do with who lives here.

I ache in places that should have made it obvious that Theo and Jay were more than just mates. I feel like such a shit, blurting out all that stuff about Theo, but how was I to know? Next time we talk, gonna clue him in on the concept of sharing. Next time. If there is a next time.

And that shift? Didn’t feel like the others. Passing through that intense light, the way Theo screamed in agony as he left and Jay falling to his knees at the same time? Course, I don’t exactly know what a “normal” shift is, but that felt different. Jay didn’t look too good when I left him, or rather when he slammed the door in my face and left me to hitch home. I suppose I should call him tomorrow, see how he is. Maybe by that time, I’ll know how Theo really is.

I shrug my jacket off, and leave it lying where it falls, my feet automatically heading towards the kitchen. A cold beer slides down so sweetly, and a second one is still in my hand as I head towards the shower. Oh God! The shower! The rest of my clothes litter my trail, and soon I’m standing under hot jets of water, and it’s the nearest thing I’ve come to heaven, even though it wasn’t this body that’s been stumbling and falling through Rohan these past few days.

My fingertips are starting to wrinkle by the time I finally step out and head for bed. Or rather head for the couch. Takes me a minute to remember I don’t sleep there any more. Or do I? I switch off the lights and head for the stairs. What if what we tasted before I left is gone? My breath hitches at the thought, and I really need to hold you and tell you I’m sorry for leaving. I need you to tell me everything is gonna be okay ...

Dave, where are you? )
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Morning brightens the sky, touching it with a warm glow, banishing the grey in-between hours. I have been awake for most of the night, and as dawn rose, watched the waves over Jay's shoulder. How could I sleep after talking with Paris, so many thoughts running through my head?

If what Paris says is true, and I have no reason to doubt him, I may die before I ever set eyes on my father again, before I can fulfil my promises to Jay. And one of those may not even be possible. If Bernard is truly destroyed, how can I ever face Jay again? He still lies with his back to me, my face buried in his hair. Seems to be the way our bodies naturally curve around one another while we sleep, and it is the perfect way to wake up. But if I cannot restore his father to him, I can never have this again. I sigh deeply, hoping it doesn't wake him.

Paris. A good man, who valiantly did his best to keep me alive, and how do I repay him? I take his body and use it as if it were my own, but how can I be sorry? How can I ever regret what I found here? My arms tighten around Jay once more, and he moves towards wakefulness.

And Dave. He welcomed me into his house, gave me food and shelter, and I gave him nothing in return but worry and empty bottles. If my father knew how I had repaid his hospitality ... I banish all these thoughts from my head, and concentrate on the body in my arms that is now squirming round to face me, eyes heavy with sleep and barely open look into mine briefly, before his head buries itself in my arms with a sigh.

Moving my legs, I realise I am stuck to this blanket, and laugh a little at the state of us both. "Jay." He groans and pulls me closer, ignoring me. I give in, and for several minutes, lie wrapped up in him, listening to the little snoring noises he makes in the half sleep he's in. But there is something I must do, something I've never done before, and I have spent much of my sleepless night thinking about it. "Jay, I need to ..." He finally looks up at me as I untangle myself from him. He's obviously not awake enough to join me, so I get to my feet, the cold air waking me even more. "I will be back soon." With that, I run down the beach, through the shallow water, and throw myself into the waves.

Jay - I don't wanna wake up )
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Happens straight after Theo and Jay's night on the beach and Morgoth grabs an opportunity

I lie and watch the fire for a while after Jay falls asleep, but it is not the heat from the dying flames that keeps me warm, rather the heat we built between us, the heat that lingers around us as we lie curled together. He moans a little every now and then, moving closer, if that is possible. Last night as I held him I wondered what memories filled his dreams. Tonight I know, and when he whimpers against my skin, his brow creasing, I stroke his hair until he slips back into dreamless slumber.

Sighing, I bury my face in his neck. I know what I need to do; I need to talk to Paris. I have not spoken to him for days, and must tell him about my father, must tell him that in a few hours, once dawn lights the sky, I will shift back. Relaxing, I feel my way to the link that joins us, and seek him out.

Paris? )
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A son of Middle Earth, and a son of Modern Earth. I am fascinated by the opportunity that is presented to me, even as they draw closer together. I watch as they learn each other, see the closeness they feel growing between them. I learn their strengths, and their weaknesses. The son of Modern Earth so raw, yet so strong. A son of Iron. And his counterpart, the Prince of Rohan, shining steel, he is. I smile as I begin to maneuver their circumstances, so similar to the creation of a sword, this is. They are akin to two raw metals. Their father’s situation provides the heat needed to soften them both to my will. They cling to each other – just as two metals will fold over themselves yet still remain separate, they wrap around and around each other.

And the forging begins
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Part Two

Jay: I've been waitin' in the hall for what seemed like forever, tryin' not to pace as I looked out the wire-reinforced window. I'd thought about goin' out for a smoke, tryin' to calm my nerves, but I'd wanted to be right here if they needed me. . .if Theo needed me.

The door to the King's room opens quietly, and Theo steps out lookin' like he just ran a race. He looks so exhausted, and his shoulders hunch as if he's carryin' the weight of the world on 'em. He looks like I've felt for the past week.

He looks at me with a shaky little smile as he steps to my corner by the window, a hopeful gleam in his tired eyes. He doesn't say anythin' for a moment, then puts his head down on my shoulder with a heavy sigh. I wrap my arms around the back of his shoulders, returnin' some of the strength I know he just lost in that room. Damn if he don't need it. I press my lips against his hair, smelling of shampoo and second-hand smoke, and reply to his sigh with one of my own.

You did good Theo. Real good. )
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Part One

Theodred: We travel to the hospital in silence. In truth, no more than a handful of words have passed our lips since the shower, but this is not a silence of anger or tension, this is the silence that can hang between two people who truly don’t need words to know each other’s thoughts. A comfortable silence, both of us knowing where we go, neither of us needing idle words to fill the empty spaces between us, because now there are no spaces.

We both know the task ahead of us may be insurmountable, but take strength from the fact that we are not alone any more. We have each other and now we are bound together, closer than brothers, a bond forged in blood is a bond not easily unmade.

As we left Bernard's house, Jay handed me two things. A worn copy of The Two Towers, the tattered condition of the pages a testimony to how well read, well loved it had once been, and a pair of "shades", identical to the ones he wears. These, I put straight on, turning and grinning at him. He grinned back, and we headed down to the car.

The drive has given me time to skim through the book ... )
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Jay: I think I've finally decided what to name the goddamn Lincoln: "The Hearse." Damn if it isn't big and ugly enough, and seems no matter where I'm drivin' it, I'm always on my way to my own fuckin' funeral.

Every hope I had been holdin' onto had just been thoroughly and systematically crushed under the spiked heel of reality. I'm so tired, and my head hurts so bad all I wanna do is lay down and sleep underground, alone in the dark for the rest of my fuckin' life.

Theo's real quiet, sittin' in the passenger seat and lookin' out the window so I can’t see his face. Not that I'd want to anyway. Just another face. I haven't said a word to him since we left Dave's, and I grateful he's lettin' me have this silence. After everything that I was told, I barely have the energy to get us back to Dad's house in one piece.

The drive seems to take fuckin' forever, and once we arrive I drag myself outta the car with a groan. I musta slept weird last night, everything's sore. Probably 'cause that weird couch-bed wasn't meant to hold two after all. That'll teach me to share a bed. It's just a bad idea. Too many things hurt in the morning.

Theo lingers at the pasture, watchin' Yosser run around as I unlock the front door. Guess Jim's here to muck out the stalls. What day is it? Gotta make sure man gets his paycheck at the end of the week. I sigh as I open the door, grateful for the cool familiarity of Dad's house. Theo and I still gotta go to the hospital to talk to the King this afternoon, and the thought of goin' back to the snake pit makes me cringe. I just want all this to stop, I want it end before it gets any worse, before I get even more involved.

"Hey Theo!" I yell out the front door, regretting it instantly as my headache doubles, "I'm gonna take a shower before we go. Help yourself to whatever you want." I wave my hand at the house, and really don't give a shit if he decides to help himself to frozen waffles or Dad's rare coin collection. I just need to be away, alone, out of the range of Theo's piercing eyes.

There is nothing left to say. )

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Dave: Having dropped Hugo off safe and sound at home, I continue on to my own place, glad to be back home. I'm a little stiff from sleeping in a chair all night, but who cares? Hugo's back, Elrond must be back too, all's right with the world, okay, well Armaas right as our little corner of the world ever gets. I push through the front door with a smile on my face, and I see the couch flipped open. That would have to be Theodred sleeping there, if it was Paris, well, I would assume he'd be upstairs. I wish Paris would get home soon.

I step in further, and my foot hits something. Looking down, I see an empty Grand Marnier bottle roll away from me. It thumps against an upright Scotch bottle, clinking loudly as empty bottles will do. I turn to look quizzically at Theodred, and that's when I notice he's not alone. And they're both stirring now, the sound of the door and the bottles must have gotten through to them. If they drank these bottles dry, they've got to be hurting right about now. I tell myself they've drank over a hundred dollars worth of my booze, and suddenly I don't feel too bad about waking them. Besides, I'm curious as hell about who Theodred's managed to pull into bed already.

So, I step closer, and sit down none to gently on the end of the couch, shaking the entire bed.

Morning, you two! Time to rise and shine. )
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Jay: I'm thinkin' I should name this car for how much fucking time I've spent with her lately, as I drive Theodred and me back to this guy Dave's place. I have no idea who the hell he is, but Theo says he's some Tolkien-guru who'll be able to give us the answers to fix both our Dads. Tell ya true, I'm really skeptical, considerin' how well my last plan to fix Dad worked. But then again, it's the only plan we've got now. Might as well give it a whirl.

I try to fish out a cigarette from my pocket, and realize I'm out just as we pass a liquor store. "Hold on, Theo!" I whip the car around and slide into a parking spot before I go too far. Good to keep those urban driving skills honed. "I'll be back in a sec, Theodred. I need to buy a pack of smokes. Need anything?" He waves me off with a wrinkle of his nose, and I shrug as I leave the car. Guess I know what he thinks about my habits, eh?

I'm at the counter buying two packs of Camels when I remember I've drained Dad's cabinet of Johnny Walker. I decide to buy a bottle while I'm here, no sense in makin' another stop on the way home tonight.

The old lady behind the counter has to push aside two bottles to get to the whiskey, and the brightly colored labels on the bottles catch my eye. Well I'll be go to hell . . .

Is that really mead? )
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There have to be better ways of getting around in this world than this "Lincoln". To be trapped in this box and driven at high speed along highways is not my idea of travel! I have seen no horses on these roads, and wonder why anyone would give up the pleasure of riding to sit in these things.

We drive in silence. Jay thinks Paris has betrayed him in some way, but I felt him against me as we left the hospital, felt him let down his guard, and take strength from me, and that is good, it is a start. We need to find a way to work together. I know what has happened to his father, and must find a way to tell him that he will believe. I wish to restore his father to him, as I need to restore my father back to full health.

Jay took me to eat by the ocean. I have never seen the ocean, and could not take my eyes away from it as we drove down towards the tavern on the shore. I wandered out onto the beach as Jay arranged for food to eat, staring at the waves crashing on the sand. I walked to the water's edge and stood for a while, feeling small against the vastness before me.

We ate in silence, and after I finished two of the most delicious egg dishes I have ever tasted, a plate of what Jay called "fries", and a glass of ale that was not what I was used to, but sufficed, we are once again "hitting the road", and on our way back to Dave's home. I must persuade Jay to stay with me until we have come to an agreement on how to release our fathers.

Jay: After everything that's happened so far this morning, I really don't know what to say to Paris. My mind is spinning faster than the tires of the car, and I know if I open my mouth before I've had a chance to really cool off I'm just gonna start a fight again. Breakfast first, questions later. Omelets make everything better.

I watch Paris out by the ocean while I wait for our food, and as I drag on my smoke I wonder what the hell is goin' on in this place. Dad fallin' off his rocker and thinkin' he's a character he played in a movie, that's one thing. But Paris, who seemed like a pretty down-to-earth kinda fella when I first met him, now playin' the same "I am the prince of Rohan" game like he means it, well, that's another. I know sometimes actors can get really into their roles (fuck, Dad was a case after his Boys from the Black Stuff days) , but this was takin' it to a whole new level.

All I know is that I've gotta get to the bottom of this, and I know I can't do it without Paris' help. )
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Jay: It's only 8:30a.m., but I'm already on the road, tearing through the sleepy streets towards the address on the little card Paris had given me. I really, really hope that kid hasn't skipped town yet, else I'm shit outta luck for at least a week. The thought of having leave Dad in that fucking snake pit for another seven days is enough to make me push the gas pedal down just a little more. I only hope this'll work.

I pass by Paris' place three times before I realize it's tucked back behind the row of houses on the street, practically hidden from sight behind a thicket of trees. It's a nice, nice place, though by the looks of the construction materials piled nearby it's still a work in progress. I park the car in the driveway, locking the doors and setting the alarm as I climb up the stairs to the porch. Just as my hand hits the doorbell, I realize I probably should've called first, since if Paris is gone I'm gonna have to explain to this Dave fella who I am and why the hell I'm beatin' down his door first thing in the morning.

Oh well. Too fucking late now. I cross my arms and fiddle with my keys, waiting, hoping, trying hard not to let the pounding in my chest get too loud as I wait for someone to answer the door.

Theodred: I wake with a ringing in my ears, and it takes me a moment to remember that I am not now in Rohan, but in this new world that Faramir tried to explain to me yesterday. It really makes no difference where I am, as my memory still fails me. I sigh, and go in search of the source of the annoying ringing sound. I heard Dave leave earlier this morning, and know that I am alone here, so must be on my guard. I approach the door, which seems to be the source of the sound, and through the glass see an unkempt man standing on the doorstep, his impatience clear even from this distance. He sees me, and motions for me to open the door, recognition in his eyes.

Faramir told me that my “shift” from this world is called Paris, and that he is a carpenter with few friends yet in this town, but this man knows me. I open the door to let him in and he sweeps past me, his urgency clear. I know I will not have to wait long for him to speak!

Glad I caught you before you left, Paris! )
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Takes place the same evening as this.

Chinese food is indeed enjoyable, I just wish I'd had more of an appetite, but did I try a little of everything. Noodles and rice were new textures to me, and tasty, and the pieces of pork roasted with spices to make it pink and sweet were delicious. Chicken served with small curved nuts was another dish I enjoyed, but I think my favourites were the egg rolls, which, I was surprised to learn, are Paris' favourites too.

There were small, sweet, crunchy things to eat after the meal, which, when broken in half, revealed strips of paper with cryptic words on them. Mine said "Everything is not yet lost". Given my current situation, I folded the small strip of paper and put it in my pocket. Daves said "Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding your life." I noticed he did the same.

Meeting Paris )
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Takes place at the same time as this

It is not an unpleasant place to be, sitting here out in the open, looking down over the trees, but I feel so disconnected. I am unsure as to what is dream, and what is reality. I know Faramir tells me that there are two realities, and I can visit this one, but I live in the other, the one I have no memory of, but it will take time for me to get used to this. I do not understand why I would want to return here after I regain my memories, surely I will want to go back to my home, and allow Paris to return to his?

After showing me how their shift works, Faramir turned into Dave, and back again, which was an amazing sight, Faramir shifted out, promising to return in a few days, and left me to get to know Dave. He gave me a tour of his home, including an introduction to the shower! A marvellous invention! Water pounded down on my head and shoulders, and I feel wonderfully clean! An amazing place indeed, to have a hot waterfall indoors whenever it is required. He showed me where to find food and drink, how to use the coffee machine, which produces a rich warming drink, and how to use the … phone? If I lift up this talking device, and press numbers in a certain order, the person who speaks will bring prepared meals to us. He suggested that tonight we try Chinese food, and assures me I will enjoy it. I’m looking forward to trying these new tastes, but can’t help feeling I should be doing something, not sitting around sampling new dishes while my counterpart attempts to help me. I dislike feeling so … useless.

I have caught Dave looking at me with sadness in his eyes more than once. It is not hard to see that he feels more than mere friendship for the man who’s body I inhabit, and that having me here, wearing his face, cannot be easy for him. I reassured him that as soon as I regain my memories and strength, I will return to Rohan so Paris can return to him, and that I’m grateful for their help.

I am attempting to read the book he gave me, "The Fellowship of the Ring". It is written by the sorcerer Tolkien, the one who caused our worlds to open to each other and I think Dave intended it to act as an introduction to my world, but I know nothing of hobbits, or elves, or rings and frequently find myself putting it to one side, unable to concentrate. Faramir told me of my life, the people in it, my Father, my cousins, told me who I am, but there is a difference in being told something, and knowing it, feeling it in you heart, and he holds something back, I know that. Something in his eyes, a touch of sorrow, disturbs me.

A long sigh escapes me as I gather up my book and empty mug and make my way back indoors. The air has grown colder, and I feel the need of another coffee to warm me. One thing I know. I cannot take many more of these empty days without falling into madness! My strength is returning and I need something more than tales of hobbits to occupy my time. Whatever my life is like back in my home world, I do not think I spend a lot of time sitting reading childrens fables. Tossing the book down on the table, I head off to the kitchen in search of coffee.
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The first thing I see when I open my eyes is Dave. I've been sleeping spooned against his back, where I've wanted to be for weeks now, arms around him, his shoulder within kissing distance.

I nuzzle his neck, moving the hand that was holding him close against me lower. )

Starts off NC-17
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Paris: It's dark, and I'm snuggled up against Dave, half awake, half asleep, when Theodred pulls me in. I know he's alone and hurt, and should have expected the nightmare, but this time, I can reach through the link between us, and it's different, open, I can feel him, this time, he can feel me.

"It's a nightmare, Theo; let it go, let yourself sleep, dream of Eowyn"

Theodred: Noise of battle surrounds me, I turn, and everywhere, my escape is blocked. I have no weapon to fight and they are closing in around me ...

A voice slips through the darkness, a voice I do not know, but it calms me, calls me by the name Eowyn uses when she is close to me, eyes bright. I follow the voice, and I'm lying in her arms, soft and welcoming, and I sleep ...

Paris: Smiling, I follow him into dreams ...
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We spent the evening talking, touching, getting used to being around each other without all those invisible barriers that had been keeping us apart. It was good, felt comfortable, felt right. And we talked about shifting, how it's different for everyone, Dave told me about his life with Faramir in it, and what had really happened that left him with heightened senses. And he explained what little they know about Morgoth and his plans, and how they think Hugo's disappearance may be tied up with that, about John's run in with Lurtz and Viggo's animated experience. Then we left Middle Earth behind for a while, and stuffed ourselves with Chinese food before flopping down on the couch.

A fire crackled in the hearth, and as Dave dozed with his head in my lap, my hand played through his hair as I read as much as I could about the place I was going to.

A little later, I asked if I could speak to Faramir while he rested. It’s gonna take some getting used to, seeing a grey-eyed Dave, and knowing I’m talking to Faramir.

We talked about Theodred. Faramir was concerned at how disorientated and weak he was, and that although he could remember his name, who Faramir was, and the Golden Hall, he had no other memory of his life. I said I would stay in Rohan until Theodred’s memories returned, then we could shift back. Maybe by that time, I would hopefully have met up with someone who could help him, get him back to Edoras or some other place of safety, let him finish healing.

I dug out all the Rings books Dave had on his shelves, and we went through them together looking for maps, and coming up with a rough approximation of where Theodred was, given what little I could remember, and the fact he couldn’t be too far from the Ford. And we both agreed that I needed to stay put for a couple of days, try and find food and let his body regain a little strength and begin to heal. Faramir promised to show me the athelas that grew around the bowl, so I could recognise it when I got there, and hope there was some growing in the gully. Then, I would head east, towards the Isen; follow it back to the Ford and on towards Helm’s Deep. And we both knew it wasn’t gonna be that simple. Injured, progress would be slow, and I would have to take every precaution not to be discovered by Saruman’s forces as I had nothing to protect myself with.

Before Faramir shifted out, I asked him for a favour. He nodded, his grey eyes solemn, and I watched as they brightened to blue. Dave smiled at me, pulling me to him for a lazy kiss and I let myself melt against him …

So now, hours later, he’s asleep in my arms as we lie in his bed, and I’m finding it hard to sleep because when I wake up I’ll be leaving.

And I don’t want to go.
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Dave attempts to make brunch later that day, but gets distracted ...

Do you want a hand with anything?

NC-17 again!
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The morning after Faramir finds Theodred in the woods, Paris wakes back in Dave's bed and finally they talk and um ...

Time for truth, time for answers ...

Eventually NC-17
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