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Dave: An empty pizza box is on the floor, and a half full one is on the bed, somewhere near our feet. We've got one slice of double cheese between us, and are fighting over who gets to bite the point off of it. You fake left, I go right, we both dart back and end up in a kiss, the pizza slice forgotten for the moment. I still haven't gotten my fill of kissing you, or touching your face, stroking your hair, it's almost as if I'm afraid to stop, or you'll be taken away again. But I want to indulge your every craving, and I know you wanted ice cream. Come on, Dave, he'll still be here in three minutes! "That strawberry ice cream's downstairs. Want me to get you some?"

That was exactly what I needed. Dave and Pizza )
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It's late when I finally get home. Funny that, only been here a couple of weeks, and it feels like the nearest thing I’ve had to a home in a long time. Guess that has a lot to do with who lives here.

I ache in places that should have made it obvious that Theo and Jay were more than just mates. I feel like such a shit, blurting out all that stuff about Theo, but how was I to know? Next time we talk, gonna clue him in on the concept of sharing. Next time. If there is a next time.

And that shift? Didn’t feel like the others. Passing through that intense light, the way Theo screamed in agony as he left and Jay falling to his knees at the same time? Course, I don’t exactly know what a “normal” shift is, but that felt different. Jay didn’t look too good when I left him, or rather when he slammed the door in my face and left me to hitch home. I suppose I should call him tomorrow, see how he is. Maybe by that time, I’ll know how Theo really is.

I shrug my jacket off, and leave it lying where it falls, my feet automatically heading towards the kitchen. A cold beer slides down so sweetly, and a second one is still in my hand as I head towards the shower. Oh God! The shower! The rest of my clothes litter my trail, and soon I’m standing under hot jets of water, and it’s the nearest thing I’ve come to heaven, even though it wasn’t this body that’s been stumbling and falling through Rohan these past few days.

My fingertips are starting to wrinkle by the time I finally step out and head for bed. Or rather head for the couch. Takes me a minute to remember I don’t sleep there any more. Or do I? I switch off the lights and head for the stairs. What if what we tasted before I left is gone? My breath hitches at the thought, and I really need to hold you and tell you I’m sorry for leaving. I need you to tell me everything is gonna be okay ...

Dave, where are you? )
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Dave: Having dropped Hugo off safe and sound at home, I continue on to my own place, glad to be back home. I'm a little stiff from sleeping in a chair all night, but who cares? Hugo's back, Elrond must be back too, all's right with the world, okay, well Armaas right as our little corner of the world ever gets. I push through the front door with a smile on my face, and I see the couch flipped open. That would have to be Theodred sleeping there, if it was Paris, well, I would assume he'd be upstairs. I wish Paris would get home soon.

I step in further, and my foot hits something. Looking down, I see an empty Grand Marnier bottle roll away from me. It thumps against an upright Scotch bottle, clinking loudly as empty bottles will do. I turn to look quizzically at Theodred, and that's when I notice he's not alone. And they're both stirring now, the sound of the door and the bottles must have gotten through to them. If they drank these bottles dry, they've got to be hurting right about now. I tell myself they've drank over a hundred dollars worth of my booze, and suddenly I don't feel too bad about waking them. Besides, I'm curious as hell about who Theodred's managed to pull into bed already.

So, I step closer, and sit down none to gently on the end of the couch, shaking the entire bed.

Morning, you two! Time to rise and shine. )
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The first thing I see when I open my eyes is Dave. I've been sleeping spooned against his back, where I've wanted to be for weeks now, arms around him, his shoulder within kissing distance.

I nuzzle his neck, moving the hand that was holding him close against me lower. )

Starts off NC-17
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We spent the evening talking, touching, getting used to being around each other without all those invisible barriers that had been keeping us apart. It was good, felt comfortable, felt right. And we talked about shifting, how it's different for everyone, Dave told me about his life with Faramir in it, and what had really happened that left him with heightened senses. And he explained what little they know about Morgoth and his plans, and how they think Hugo's disappearance may be tied up with that, about John's run in with Lurtz and Viggo's animated experience. Then we left Middle Earth behind for a while, and stuffed ourselves with Chinese food before flopping down on the couch.

A fire crackled in the hearth, and as Dave dozed with his head in my lap, my hand played through his hair as I read as much as I could about the place I was going to.

A little later, I asked if I could speak to Faramir while he rested. It’s gonna take some getting used to, seeing a grey-eyed Dave, and knowing I’m talking to Faramir.

We talked about Theodred. Faramir was concerned at how disorientated and weak he was, and that although he could remember his name, who Faramir was, and the Golden Hall, he had no other memory of his life. I said I would stay in Rohan until Theodred’s memories returned, then we could shift back. Maybe by that time, I would hopefully have met up with someone who could help him, get him back to Edoras or some other place of safety, let him finish healing.

I dug out all the Rings books Dave had on his shelves, and we went through them together looking for maps, and coming up with a rough approximation of where Theodred was, given what little I could remember, and the fact he couldn’t be too far from the Ford. And we both agreed that I needed to stay put for a couple of days, try and find food and let his body regain a little strength and begin to heal. Faramir promised to show me the athelas that grew around the bowl, so I could recognise it when I got there, and hope there was some growing in the gully. Then, I would head east, towards the Isen; follow it back to the Ford and on towards Helm’s Deep. And we both knew it wasn’t gonna be that simple. Injured, progress would be slow, and I would have to take every precaution not to be discovered by Saruman’s forces as I had nothing to protect myself with.

Before Faramir shifted out, I asked him for a favour. He nodded, his grey eyes solemn, and I watched as they brightened to blue. Dave smiled at me, pulling me to him for a lazy kiss and I let myself melt against him …

So now, hours later, he’s asleep in my arms as we lie in his bed, and I’m finding it hard to sleep because when I wake up I’ll be leaving.

And I don’t want to go.
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Dave attempts to make brunch later that day, but gets distracted ...

Do you want a hand with anything?

NC-17 again!
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The morning after Faramir finds Theodred in the woods, Paris wakes back in Dave's bed and finally they talk and um ...

Time for truth, time for answers ...

Eventually NC-17
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If you trust me ...
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Paris: *the lumber for the hot tub support had arrived earlier that day, and I had spent the afternoon with the guys from the lumber yard unloading, then put the final touches to the porch. I had seen Dave finishing the walls off, and had to admit I was impressed with his hard work. For someone who wasn't used to physical graft, he didn't mind getting stuck in. I showered, and grabbed a couple of cold ones from the fridge, before heading out to join Dave*

Dave: *I'm leaning on the windowsill, smiling out at the porch, pondering whether adding a rocking chair out there would make it look like an old man lives here. I hear the now-familiar sounds of the fridge and the clinking of beers, and Paris padding up behind me. Don't look at his feet, Dave, just take a beer and smile *you did it. It looks so great! I need to get some furniture out there really soon so we can enjoy what you've built. *your hair's still wet from the shower, and a small drop of water runs down your neck. I take a long gulp of beer, glad it's cold and distracting*

Thanks! I'm quite proud of it! )

First Day

May. 24th, 2004 11:54 pm
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Dave: *Paris managed to pull off a few minor miracles today, as well as the front porch. Pulling it off, that is. Now that it's completely down, it can be rebuilt from scratch. I still can't believe my good fortune to have him helping with all this. We've called for pizzas, I bought a small fridge today so we can at least keep some beers cold until the kitchens redone, and now we've both collapsed on the couch* I still can't believe you pulled that porch down like that, Paris! I swore that roof was going to get your head, but you're faster than you look!

You thought it was gonna get me? There was one moment where I thought it was too! )
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