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It’s becoming a habit.

Thursdays, one o’clock, Starbucks.

With her.

She’s gorgeous. Wavy blonde hair, and sea green eyes that seem to change with her mood from almost emerald to oh so soft with a hint of smoky blue.

She’s always late, so I get to see the looks of envy from any other guys around as she makes a bee-line to my table and kisses me on the cheek.

I always have her order ready. She tells me that our lunchtimes together are her only regular indulgence, and that’s easy to believe. She’s in great shape.

We talk as we eat, sharing little pieces of our lives, our work, and laughing together. She’s very tactile, touching my hand and my arm as she speaks, and I quite like that. It’s just part of who she is, and I am so lucky that she found me. All too soon, it’s nearly time for me to go, and I drain the sweet dregs of my mocha as she daintily finishes off her muffin.

“Paris.” She virtually purrs in my ear. “Remember what we talked about last week?”

“Yeah?” I nod slowly as she bites her lip with obvious anticipation.

“Well, I made all the arrangements. This afternoon, you and I have the place all to ourselves.”

She pulls out a set of old keys on a worn keychain, and dangles them in front of me, a look of pure wickedness on her face.

“Just us? No-one else knows about this?” My heart rate leaps at what this means. My doubts still linger, but I’ve thought out all the possible consequences, and at the end of the day, sometimes when an opportunity like this presents itself, you just can’t say no, no matter what the cost.

So I reach out and take the keys without hesitation, our fingers brushing briefly.

“I’ve got the truck with me. I’ll follow you.”

There’s a look of smug satisfaction on her face, as without another word she picks up her bag and waits for me. I grab my jacket and we make our way down to the car park. On the way out of town, I phone Adam to let the guys know I won’t be back for the rest of the afternoon. If I’m gonna do this, no point in rushing it.

40 minutes later, I follow her as she pulls off the road onto a long driveway. The place is more overgrown than I had expected, and the outside of the white house we pull up in front looks as if it needs attention, but that’s not important, not right now. I join her, my nerves understandable and obviously showing as she takes my hand and leads me to the door, slipping the largest key into the lock. It turns smoothly. Maybe I should see that as a sign that this is the right thing to do.

She smiles at me, and I swallow with anticipation and smile back.

“Come on.”

She tugs on my hand, and I follow her willingly, knowing that once I cross the threshold, things may never be the same again …
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A morning of intellectual pursuits was a lot to ask of Théodred. Even as rumpled and mussed as the Helvetica was, it was still a place of studious reading and discussions. Even Faramir was ready for something a bit more down to earth. He directed Théodred from the back of the bike, holding on tightly with one hand and pointing out directions with the other, until they pulled up in front of The Malthouse. Faramir knew the ale here was excellent, food would be plentiful, and recalled the large open fires that took any chill right out of the air.

Faramir, Théodred, and a Big Bang. No, not that kind. )
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Théo: Dave and Paris kindly agreed to allow Faramir and I to spend some time together. My recent conversation with Mer has left me curious about many things, one being the history of this world and how it meshes with our world, and can think of no-one better to help me find out more. I remember well his love of books and the look of surprise on his face when he found out my own passion for them, something I thank my grandmother for. And Faramir himself was a good influence on me during a time when I was younger and had forsaken reading for more earthy pursuits. I smile at the memory of a lad with serious grey eyes who was as passionate about his books as he was about his sword practice. Not that his father ever acknowledged either skill. But I banish all thought of Denethor as Dave nods a farewell to me, and my old friend replaces him.

“Faramir!” I pull you into a hug. “It has been too long.”

Faramir: The hug is warm and very welcome. It has indeed been too long. "Théodred! I was beginning to think you had run off with the hobbits and forgotten me. So, what would you like to do today? Play pool? Go off carousing in the taverns? Ride?"

You've got an odd look on your face, one I can't quite discern. I have to admit it intrigues me. I've not been in Wellington much of late, since Dave and Paris have come to some agreements of their own, I have left them in peace to discover the new levels of their relationship. While I am glad for them, and celebrate their coming to terms with their union... I have to admit that I've craved some time of my own in this land I have adopted as my second home, and have missed those I consider friends. Foremost among those is Théodred, and now we have a day to ourselves. "Tell me of what we will do this fine day in Wellington, old friend"

Théo: I suppose you never expected to hear me ask to be taken to a library? )
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I chase the last of the crumbs from what had been a large slab of raspberry cheesecake around the plate, eventually squishing them with the back of my spoon and licking them off. It had been divine. All creamy and sweet, off set by the sharp tang of raspberries and complimented by the crumbly nutty base. Putting my spoon down, I flash Dave a grin as he finishes his dark chocolate mousse, which had been almost as good as my dessert, going by the fork-full he fed me when it first arrived.

Our coffees arrive with a smile. Rich and smooth, they’re the perfect end to the perfect lunch. I wanted to spend some time with Dave away from Wellie cause last time I had a day off, I spent it with Éomer. So I suggested we take Leelu up the coast for a blast, and he suggested this place.

He sits back, looking happily stuffed to the gills, and I can’t resist picking up the small dish of chocolates that came with the coffee and offering them to him with a smirk.

Wafer thin mint? )
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Takes place a few hours after this

Théo: Sometimes I want to explore this new world with you, leave the confines of these walls and wander, either aimlessly or with purpose, drinking in experiences with you at my side. And sometimes, I have no desire to step out of the door, not even to ride free and easy on the bike. On days like that, there is no need for clothes. I want to spend every second naked with you, touching your skin, arching at the slightest caress of your fingertips, my body so in tune with yours that I do not feel whole unless I am touching you.

Sometimes when I think on our time here, it is a wonderful tapestry of sensation, soaked in sweat and love. Muscles tensing and rippling beneath my touch, your hair slipping through fingers, tight heat gripping me, hard flesh taking me, the sound of your voice crying my name, groaning for me, growling possessively.

And sometimes I remember every single expression that has passed over your face, each with crystal clarity. I can touch every memory we have made together as if I were living it afresh. Eyes that darken with raw lust so focussed on me that my spine tingles, or flash with touches of a vulnerability I know is kept for me alone. Lips that can burn my flesh or heal my wounds. Words that can turn my soul inside out with the comprehension of how much you love me, or overwhelm me with the desire to take you and make you mine again and again and again …

It took a while to ease out from the tangle of your limbs without waking you, a raging thirst for cold fresh water hard to ignore. I notice how dark it is outside, even though it is nowhere near midnight as I stand in the bathroom drinking one glass before refilling it and taking it back to bed with me, thinking you may need it too when you wake. I took the comfort you offered me earlier, and we let our passions run free down in the training room, ending up in a satisfied knot of limbs after hours of tormenting each other. After a shower and food we were both in the mood to curl up and doze for a while.

When I get back, you have grabbed one of the nest of pillows we always sleep in and it has replaced me in your arms. Smiling, I take a seat on the bed next to you and kiss your shoulder, pushing my fingers gently through your hair to stroke your neck, wondering if you truly know how much I love you, if I ever really succeed when I try to tell you. A low sound akin to a purr resonates from somewhere deep in your chest and I know you are not quite as drowsy as you look.

My fingers run slowly down your spine )

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Éomer: The clash of swords echoes in this high ceilinged room. We grin at each other, tossing our heads to fling sweaty hair out of our eyes. This is another gift that we have found in Karl's world . . . training together. It has been long since either you or I have been able to indulge in sword practice for the sheer enjoyment of it. And certainly not together, our different commands keeping us far apart for months at a time.

But I have seen you recently at Edoras, and the memory of that meeting has me unsettled. I was afraid to look at you too long or too fondly, for fear that hostile eyes would mark my regard for you. However, that constraint may have given rise to other problems, which worry me. Yet another gift is the opportunity to talk to you without fear, though I cannot tell you precisely what has occurred, I can reassure myself on certain things.

The angle of the sun coming through the long windows on the west wall has lengthened by the time we stop, panting and grinning at each other. By mutual impulse, we begin putting the weapons away, cleaning and drying them as we work.

"Théo . . . " I cannot hold my questions back any longer. )
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I shifted in early today, as soon as Paris woke. I said I had things to do this morning before Éomer arrives, and I could tell Paris was curious, but he had the good grace not to ask. I am thankful for that, as I do not wish to lie to him, yet there are some things he does not need to know. It gave me a chance to enjoy a shower and a coffee before heading into Wellington …

I am back with plenty of time to spare, and take my purchases up to the bedroom to arrange a few things. That does not take long and I have had time to open the gate and sit on the step in the cool spring sunlight for a while before I hear the bike approaching.

Paris told me Karl’s cast is off which I am pleased about, otherwise I would have had to pospone my plans for today. )

Warning - NC-17
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The driftwood is warm under my fingers as I smooth the edges of the marks left by the small carving tool. It knows what it wants to be, just needs a little help to get there …

I found it one Sunday, weeks ago, as me and Dave walked along the beach. We’d been talking about things, stuff, nothing in particular, spending time together, making each other laugh and smile as Ise ran in and out of the sea, when we came across a line of debris left by the last high tide. Ise snuffled her way through it, grasping a frayed length of blue nylon rope between her teeth, growling to herself as she pulled it free of the rest, dislodging a piece of driftwood in the process.

The slender curve of it drew me and I picked it up as Dave played tug of war with her. Just over two feet long, it was wide at one end, tapering to a soft point at the other, the grain clearly visible. There was something about it …

I carried it back to the cabin, keeping it out of Ise’s reach. As I laid it in the truck before we went inside, Dave asked me why I wanted it, why that piece out of all the others that had littered the beach.

“It feels right.” I’d shrugged with a puzzled smile, not really knowing why, but knowing that it had a purpose, and that I’d figure it out eventually. He touched my face, fingers ghosting round my jaw and all thoughts of driftwood were driven from my mind, replaced by desire. His hand had slipped into mine and I followed willingly as he tugged me towards the door …

The driftwood stood on my workbench for weeks. Every now and then I’d pick it up, run my hands over it, sure that I almost knew what it was for, almost …

On a damp spring evening I arrived home knowing that Dave wouldn’t be around until after ten, and stopped on my way past the workshop to drop some sketches onto the bench. As I glanced round the room, my eyes skimmed over the driftwood, and I finally saw in it what it was meant to be. I sat down, hands reaching out for my tools, and began to work …

I was still there when he heard Dave’s car approaching hours later, not realising how long I’d worked on it, not realising how hungry I was until I was distracted. Closing the door behind me, I smiled as Dave locked the car door, moving to greet him with a kiss before hurrying him into the warehouse so I could go in search of food.

I worked on it every chance I got until two nights ago, and then it was done. The sleek, smooth body of a dolphin bursting from the rough foaming surface of the sea, pushing itself skyward. What it was meant to be. And as soon as I knew that, I knew who it was for. I just hope he likes it …

I carefully wrap it in a dozen layers of tissue paper before lying it in a dark blue satin box and tying it up with a black ribbon and adding a small card with a simple message.

Happy Birthday Dave.

Love you forever, for always.


Leaving the box on the table beside an opened bottle of Shiraz and two glasses, I guess I’ve just got time to dash upstairs to shower and change before he arrives. Leather jeans, bare feet and that dark blue silk shirt he likes so much, I think.

Ten minutes later, I hear the door open as I reach the bottom of the stairs, dragging my fingers through still drying hair. He smiles at me as I greet him with a lopsided grin.

“Happy birthday, babe.”
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I wake early this morning as the sun is starting to rise, a soft light filling the room. You stir in your sleep, your arm tightening around me, your head tilting back just a little and it gives me the opportunity to study your face closely. When you sleep, the years slip from you, your face softening, dark lashes lying against your tanned skin holding my attention.

I let out a little sigh as I look at you, and then a soft snort of laughter at where my thoughts have gone. I was thinking how you need someone strong by your side, someone who will accept you for who you are, headstrong, wild, who will value everything about you, not punish you for acting on instinct. Someone strong enough to tame you without breaking you, bring a peace into your life. It is hard for me to accept that I cannot help solve your problems. This is not my world and you are not my responsibility. If you were one of my riders … I know you do not like the idea, but if you had been born in Rohan, there would have been no shortage of men and women who would want you at their sides.

There is a moment when you become restless, your brow furrowing, eyes moving rapidly beneath their lids so I run my fingers through your hair and ease you back to sleep as you burrow further against me. Closing my eyes, I wrap myself around you, deciding a few more hours sleep would do us both good.

This time when I wake, the light is brighter, and you are no longer in my arms. )

Warning: NC-17
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Karl: Paekakariki Beach is not very far from Wellie, so after we finally concede that it's too fucking cold to surf anymore, it's only about an hour later that we're pulling up in front of the barn. We leave the boards in the truck for tonight, but unload the wetsuits and cooler. I hang the wetsuits in the laundry room to dry, and now all I want to do is get in the shower.

I show you the guest bath, which has no tub, but you can get a hot shower. You seem intrigued by the futon bed in my office and I guess you didn't realise that the couch converts to a bed. Hopefully, the room is far enough away from mine that if I wake up screaming it won't disturb you. I'm gonna do all I can to avoid that tonight though, because I don't know if I can bear the humiliation of one of my nightmares waking you up. I’ve discovered that beer seems to make things worse, and after the incident with Dave, I’ve quit taking any alcohol, settling instead for water or coffee.

After a quick shower, I'm feeling much warmer and I go to the kitchen, lifting the lid of the slow cooker and smelling the lamb stew. It's been simmering all day and the aroma is tempting me. I resolve to eat like I'm normal and then maybe you won't ask me any more questions. The water from the other shower is still running, and I pull out the ingredients to make a batch of biscuits. They're in the oven and baking before the shower turns off, and I guess you must be pretty clean by now. I think that's the longest shower I've ever witnessed.

I'm putting out plates and bowls on the table when you finally reappear. )

Warning: NC-17
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The truck finally comes to a halt, and I open the door, slipping out without a glance at you. Admittedly, this new truck is very comfortable, but I still prefer riding the bikes of this world to being so enclosed.

There is the unmistakeable tang of salt in the air, and a couple of steps up the shallow bank reveal the beach and the ocean beyond it. Already the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves bring good memories to mind, making me smile as I remember time spent in a similar place with Mer, and the laughter I shared at the beach with Dave. Paris tried to talk me out of this when I asked him to arrange it. He said it would be too cold, but Karl agreed, so here we are.

The sound of the truck door slamming brings me back to the present, and I jump back down off the bank, following Karl to the back of the truck to unload our gear. I watch him as he pulls open the back of the truck as if it angered him beyond reason. He has spoken less than a handful of words since we set off, and I am beginning to think this was a bad idea. It is as if something is eating away at him, the few questions I asked him during the drive answered with little more than grunts.

I let out a long sigh. This was originally his idea. Well, surfing was his idea, being friends was my idea, but I cannot see much of a friendship forming if we are not going to speak to each other. He thrusts a surfboard at me, and I take it from him, noting the deep crease in his forehead that reminds me so much of Mer.

Then there is the matter of his hand. Broken in a bar fight, he told Mer, although that doesn’t sit quite right, given how adamant he is that Mer stay out of trouble when he is here. Perhaps that has something to do with his mood. For once in my life I stay silent, even though there are so many questions eating away at me, and I am more than a little concerned that this mood is not dissimilar to the one he was in when I first met him months ago. At least this time, it can have nothing to do with Mer and I … can it?

I follow his lead and plant the board in the sand, and can suddenly no longer keep quiet.

Karl, have I annoyed you in some way? )
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This took place the morning after Dave and Karl rehearsed Baz's script for Alexander and before Karl phoned Dave to tell him that he and Eric had split up.

Paris: First things first. Feed the furballs and then stick the coffee on, and I’m gonna need it good and strong this morning. And while that’s brewing I’ll try Dave’s cell. Again. No answer. Again. Sighing, I lay the phone down on the counter, pour myself a large mug of coffee and grab a cinnamon bagel to munch on. I didn’t sleep much last night. Dave was supposed to be sleeping here but he didn’t turn up. I knew he was spending the day at Karl’s, helping him rehearse, so I guess they must have gotten caught up with it and maybe he stayed over, but it’s not like him not to call. I tried him three times last night and then gave up, not wanting to play the jealous lover. But it wasn’t jealousy that had me tossing and turning in the middle of the night, it was concern, worry.

The phone rings and I grab it off the bench. )
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It’s around nine when I get back to the warehouse. I forgot Dave wasn’t gonna be here, Laurelea’s taken an odd turn, and he wanted to stay out at the cabin tonight to be sure she's not getting ill. On top of that, I have to be up at six tomorrow morning, so this way, at least one of us will get a good night’s sleep. Course, there’s no food in the fridge, so I grab a beer and a bag of Kettle Chips, feed Giz and head to bed.

The Vaio is still sitting on the bedside table. It’s a cute little thing, no bigger than a hard back book when it’s closed. I flip it open and start it up as a well fed Giz slinks through the door, and jumps on the bed demanding a stroke. Dave had a wireless system installed in the warehouse for me a couple of weeks ago and bought this for me too, so we can stay in touch when he’s away working. He even signed me up for AIM, and chose my screen name. I snicker at it as I log on, wondering if he’ll be around. I know he talks to his sisters quite a bit … and yes, DaisyMae has been logged on for 34 minutes.

pokes )

Eventually NC-17
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I arrived at Karl's in good spirits today, and found you waiting for me on the porch. It has been longer than usual since we have seen each other, and I park up the bike, pulling off my helmet as I walk quickly towards you, a grin on my face. It isn't until I get closer that I see the heavy bandage on your hand covered in a blue sleeve, and evidence of a fight, going by the fading bruises and marks on your face.

My brow furrows, and I reach out and put my hand on your cheek, examining your face, knowing by the age of them that these must be Karl's injuries, not yours. The bandage on your hand is rigid, designed to hold it still, so I guess that it is broken, but I get a demonstration of how little it bothers you by the way you pull me to you.

Missed you ... )

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Paris: Business over for the day, I grab a shower at the warehouse before heading out to the cabin, looking forward to seeing Dave but I'm surprised to see Faramir relaxing on the porch. Pulling off my helmet, I walk to the steps to join him wondering why he's still here. Not that I don't like his company, but I had expected Dave to be back by now.

"Hey Faramir. Where's Dave? Everything okay?" Course its okay, he wouldn't look this happy if there was anything wrong, and he does look very happy … "Or do you wanna play that decider game after all?"

Faramir: Perfect. It must be that this plan was truly meant to happen today, as you've given me the perfect opening to lure you to the clearing. "Dave is fine. But I thought perhaps a tie-breaker was indeed in order. Would you be willing to change the game, though? I thought perhaps a round of sparring, in the woods. Unless you think I would win too easily, that is." I give you what I hope is a subtle, yet taunting look.

Okay, you're on. )
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The afternoon had been one of the most pleasant Faramir had spent in Wellington in a long time. He'd been practicing the billiard game that Paris had gotten him so hooked on, and, to be honest, he was anxious to show off his skills a bit. They'd ended up at 'The White Room', wanting to put a bit of distance between themselves and some of Theodred's regular haunts. Four games and two pitchers of beer later, the two friends conceded that a draw was a fine place to leave it. They strolled out into the early afternoon air, and said their goodbyes. Paris wanted to check on a supply shipment due to arrive that day, and Faramir knew Dave needed to stop by Hugo's place to tend to his cat and give everything a once-over for his out of town friend. Paris had mentioned he had no plans for the evening, and would meet up with Dave at the cabin after checking on his shipment.

As he drove back to the cabin, he thought about the time he'd spent with Paris, and what a good mood his friend was in this afternoon. It was a beautiful day. The morning rains had cleared, and brilliant sunshine helped the cool winter air feel a bit warmer.

Times like this were to be savored. )
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The birthday party had carried on well into the night. Dave was amazed by the stamina displayed by Paris’ parents, which threatened to outweigh his own. As the midnight hour approached, the smallest party guests were rounded up, though most of them seemed too hyper to sleep, most likely due to second helpings of the sugar laden birthday cake. A small boy of five apparently had skipped that indulgence, though, judging by the way he latched onto Dave’s leg and peered up at him, giving in to a gigantic yawn before mumbling “Are you my mummy?” Dave had been talking with Steve, who immediately snickered knowingly, forcing Dave to shoot him a ‘don’t even go there’ look before kneeling down and ruffling the boy’s hair, telling him in no uncertain terms it was time to go to his room.

Though he’d arrived with a plan to be polite, unobtrusive and not give any reason for stodgy members of the family to be shocked, Dave had slowly been worn down throughout the evening by the antics of Auntie Eileen. After he’d returned from his walk on the beach with Kate, she’d asked him to dance. The band had calmed out from the earlier Scottish tunes, and to Dave’s surprise, they played a nice easygoing rendition of “Moonlight Serenade”, well within Dave’s comfort zone. But as the song ended, she gave him a huge smile and refused to let go of his hand, and Dave knew he’d been had.

Dancing ... )
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Dinner had gone well, Kate thought. The chatter during the four courses that had been overseen by Jason got louder and louder as the wine flowed and there had been cat calls for her poor embarrassed husband to rise and give a speech. As it happened, he was in a talkative mood, and had kept them all laughing with anecdotes about the perpetrators of the party. He managed to make both of his sons roll their eyes and hide their faces with tales oftheir childhood, a feat she could see he was quite proud of. Steve had earlier insisted that Paris be the one to make the toast, and since he could be as shy as his father sometimes, he had been a nice shade of pink under that tan as he spoke. She was happy to see her two sons together again, and back to that friendship they had always shared growing up with only two years between them. After the cheering had died down, Paris had also raised a toast to prodigal children, that they all return safely to the fold, and most people present knew that this time, it was Helen that was uppermost in the family’s mind.

Kate sighed. Her youngest children took after her sister, and of course her mother. That was the only way to explain this necessity they both seemed to have to head off and disappear for years at a time. At least Paris was settled now, or so she hoped.

After the dinner had broken up, people had wandered off into the bar, or through to the room where a band was playing, a traditional Scottish band at Eileen’s request, and by now her sister was no doubt leading the party through the Gay Gordon’s or Strip the Willow. She smiled as she ordered another glass of wine from the bar. She had seen Paris being pulled in that direction too by a couple of his younger cousins, and noticed David slipping out onto the deserted balcony. She smiled at the though of what he must have gone through meeting everyone this weekend, but he had taken it all in his stride, and apparently had a new friend in the form of Eileen. She took a sip from the long stemmed glass and wandered out through the balcony doors, the slight breeze moving the silk of her slim fitting ankle length dress. It was a warm evening, and there was no need for a jacket to cover her shoulders. She slipped off her sandals, leaving them by the door and wiggled her toes.

Dave and Kate reach an understanding )
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There's a family album being pulled together for these chats to let you know how we see them. I'll post a linky when it's done :)

Dad's face when he walked in to applause and cheers was amazing. He scanned the room, his eyes resting on me and Steve standing together at the back, a huge grin growing on his face as he shook his head, and we happily grinned back at him. Then he was swamped by people all wishing him the best, and telling him he really didn't look his age, as people do on these occasions. It had been arranged that he open his presents before dinner, and his eyes glowed when he tore the silvery paper off the horse, and he pulled me into a huge hug. "Thanks son. That you made it with your own hands ... that means a lot."

I don't ever think I've seen my Dad tear up before. )
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We’re heading up the coast to the hotel, and Izzy is driving. She refused to let Steve get behind the wheel of her shiny new SUV, and I had to smile at his hangdog expression. So he’s giving Dave a running commentary of places we pass. We’re heading up early, because Jas, who is travelling behind us with Jack in his sporty little Mazda, is supervising the food, and wants everything to be perfect.

I have to admit, my heart was pounding in my chest when we walked through the doors of 69 this morning )
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