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This is set on the night of the War Council, straight after it breaks up

Paris was quiet on the way home from Pete’s. Not because he was thinking deep thoughts about what they had discussed or about Craig’s unexpected return, but because he was talking a very frustrated Théo out of shifting in.

"Théo …"

"Paris. You cannot allow Jed to roam freely when he can give access to this world to a wraith!" Théo was adamant. Until that night, he had only known of wraiths as figures of evil in old legends and child’s tales, and he was torn between staying and taking action, and leaving and spending time with his grandmother’s books searching for what information he could find on this new threat.

"And we can’t just shackle him to a wall, either." Before the horselord could respond, Paris continued. “But I agree with you, something needs to be done about Jed.”

"I am glad we are in agreement. What do you propose?" Théo asked.

"I propose that for tonight, you leave, and I sleep."

"But …"

"No buts. I need time alone with Dave for the rest of the night, and I’ll call you in the morning. You have my word."

Théo bristled, not understanding why nothing had been decided at the meeting that night, and frustrated and concerned about the consequences of waiting. He had to keep reminding himself that this was not his world, and that the rules he lived by did not often apply here. So he backed down, putting his trust in Paris, who he had come to know and respect.

"The morning then. I will be waiting for your call. And please inform Dave that I will need to speak to Faramir." With that, he was gone and already striding through the almost deserted corridors of Edoras at rest on his way to Morwen’s library.

Back in Wellington, Paris and Dave reached home, and Paris smiled reassuringly at Dave has he got out of the car and stretched the kinks out of his shoulders.

"He’s gone, at least until the morning." He followed Dave up the stairs to the cabin door, and stood to one side as Ise bounded past them into the woods. Once he’d slipped his jacket off, Paris pulled Dave towards him.

“Why don’t you grab the Jack and a couple of glasses to take to bed while I feed the furballs?” Paris longed to shed the rest of his clothes and curl up somewhere comfortable with Dave, even though he had a fair idea it would be a while before either of them was actually ready for sleep.

Dave managed a thin smile and a kiss on the forehead for Paris, then nodded. "Sounds like a plan. I'll meet you in the loft, love." Dave swiped two glasses and the bottle off the bar, toed off his shoes and left them where they landed in the living room.

He padded up the stairs, and paused at the top to peer out the large sliding glass door that led to the hot tub balcony. It was a clear, perfect night - they really should spend it relaxing in the warm water and counting stars.

But Dave shuddered at that thought. He didn't want to be outdoors, much less stripped down to bare skin and trapped in a tub of water. Better to be armed, and on alert these days. Dave leaned his forehead against the cool glass of the door and sighed. Shifts were one thing, they'd gotten used to that. But this... there was nothing to 'get used' to about Jed's shift. If only they had a plan!

Dave had no idea how long he was lost in thought, but he straightened quickly and went to turn back the bedding as he heard Paris start up the stairs.

Paris kissed the back of Dave's neck, and poured out two glasses of dark liquor. He tugged off his shirt and the rest of his clothes quickly followed, left in a pile where they fell. He gently pushed Dave's fingers away from his shirt buttons and undid them for him, slipping the shirt off his shoulders and pressing a kiss to his collarbone. Then he undid Dave's pants and slid them down until Dave could step out of them easily. Despite Theo babbling in his head on the way home, he hadn't missed how pensive Dave had been, and wished, not for the first time, that none of this was happening.

"C'mere, babe." He pulled Dave down to the bed with him, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, needing him close.

Dave didn't protest. It was genuinely difficult to stay upset when Paris used that tone of voice on him. He knew he was just trying to help him step away from the situation for a short time, and Dave told himself he'd give it a try.

He squirmed around a little until he could reach the drinks on the nightstand, and passed one over to his partner. "Well, here's to us. And may someone in our band of fools actually come up with a bright idea. Until then, let's all stay safe with the ones we love." Dave threw back the drink in one gulp, and let his eyes slip shut as the warm fire trickled down his throat.

Paris nodded in agreement. "To us. All of us." He knocked back the Jack and ran his finger round the rim of the empty glass as he rubbed his cheek on Dave's hair. "Theo wants to talk to Faramir tomorrow. He was fairly insistent, and I've got no problem with that. To be honest, I've got no problem with him being as involved in this as he wants to be." He paused, mulling over the best way to explain.

“It's like ... if a plug needs changing, or a light bulb, I can easily do it myself, but when I need a house rewired, I get a qualified electrician in to do the job, one I trust. This is the same. Theo, Faramir and the others are warriors, trained to deal with this kind of threat, and we need to make the most of that expertise."

Paris was making good sense. "You're right. And there's one of them that's had personal experience with the wraith's touch. Or at least, in his time, he will have it in a short while." Dave s recalled those scenes, in which he was laid out on his back atop a bed of sticks, his face and hair slathered in baby oil. He wasn't the sort of method actor that needed to crawl deeply inside his character at every moment of filming - he was practical enough to know that acting as if he were in a coma didn't need a whole lot of background, or 'what's my motivation' style demands. In all honesty, Dave had no practical experience to bring to the problem. "You and I and even Faramir know he'll survive. He knows his own history. These beasts are from his world, too. Yeah. I think I'm fine with having Faramir get as involved as he wants to be, too."

Dave plucked the empty glass from Paris's fingers and set it with his own on the nightstand, then turned his full attention on his partner, cupping Paris's face in his hands. "So we'll let the warriors have breakfast together. Right now though, it's just the two of us, and we're hibernating away from the world. I'm not letting you out of my sight, or out of this bed." Dave bent closer to take a long, slow kiss.

Paris melted against Dave, his mouth opening under the languid caress and the tip of his tongue slipped between Dave's lips, coaxing his lover to deepen the kiss. Beneath the dark flavour of bourbon was Dave's own taste, a taste that Paris was addicted to, a taste he could never get enough of. He pressed his tongue deeper and dug his fingers into his lover's sandy blonde hair, lying back against the pillows and sliding down so Dave was above him. He pulled back a little so he could look into Dave's eyes and his fingers moved in small circles on Dave's neck as he kissed him lightly and drew his courage together to ask something of him.

"Would you ..." Paris swallowed and nuzzled Dave's cheek before he looked back at him. "Would you hold me down?" His voice was barely above a whisper. In a few hours, he would give up control of his body, again, to Theo. The prince would slip into it and walk and talk, and Paris would have no memory of his visit, as always. So at that moment, Paris needed to give up control in a different way, give it to the man he loved and be able to remember every second of it.

Paris's voice might have been a whisper, but its meaning and urgency came through at full volume to Dave. Only moments ago, Dave had wanted to simply curl up in a ball with Paris under the blankets, and use sheer mental willpower to make the world just go away. But all it took was a small plea from Paris, and Dave's priorities shifted at once. "What's that, love? I think I could, yes..." Dave focused on Paris's eyes, letting himself sink into their depths, giving way to their desires. Who was controlling who? It wasn't a point to debate, not in cerebral terms. Some questions can't be answered in simple logic. Dave reached to grasp Paris's right wrist in his hand, pressing it firmly against the mattress. "I love you, Paris. You're mine, and I won't let you go, ever."

Dave bent low to take a kiss, as his left hand slid along the sheets, searching for Paris's hand. When he found it, his fingers twined with his lovers, gently, but insistently. He held his hand tight in his grasp. "I'll hold you down. And I'll not let go. Not till I've had my fill of you, love."

Paris shivered at Dave’s touch and at his words as he claimed him. Immediately, he felt safe, secure, strangely protected as he gave himself up. He tightened the fingers that were twined with his lover’s, feeling them there, solid, real.

Perhaps that was why he needed this. To feel something real in the midst of such a terrible threat. Something that should have been confined to the pages of a book was now loose and threatening his family and his friends, and it was only in the dead of night that he could admit to how much that terrified him. And tonight, he needed to feel something else, needed to feel safe.

He arched up against Dave, and tested his hold on his wrist, groaning as it held firm. He kissed him again, gasping his thanks over his lover’s soft, warm lips, and gave himself up with a sigh.

Dave held Paris firmly and acknowledged his thanks with a deep, urgent kiss in. This was uncharted territory for the couple, and Dave's heart raced at the newness of their manner of play. He also found it easier to push aside the fears and worries that had been plaguing him all afternoon and evening. His world narrowed down to the handsome man trapped and squirming beneath his grip.

"You trust me." It was a question, but also a statement of fact, said in an awed voice that conveyed both at once. Dave flexed his arms, twisting Paris's hands against the sheets as he kicked back with a strong leg to shove the blanket and sheet off the bed. He was quite warm enough and wanted the freedom to gaze at his lover's body as much as he pleased.

"Yes, I trust you." Paris smiled. He trusted Dave completely, couldn't have asked this of him otherwise and it was something he'd never wanted before. Years ago, when he danced at the club, he'd always worked the BDSM nights because of the extra tips the dancers could earn, and he'd been fascinated by the interactions he'd seen, but never really been interested in it for himself. And he had no idea if he would want it again, but right at that moment, he needed it like he needed air to breathe.

Paris hissed at the increased pressure on his wrists, lust and need and something so much deeper shining in his eyes as he looked up at Dave. As his body was fully exposed, he spread his legs wider in invitation and pressed his head back against the pillow, arching his neck and pushing his chest up, displaying himself for his lover and not afraid to ask for what he wanted. "Fuck me, please ...?"

Dave pushed both of Paris's wrists up over his head, and brought them together to hold in the grip of his own right hand, freeing his left hand for other purposes. It took a bit of dexterity to reach for the lube, turn the cap in his teeth and press out what he needed. After, the cap and tube fell to the mattress and were immediately forgotten. Dave quickly covered his achingly hard cock with the substance and wiped his hand roughly across the bedsheet. He was lost in Paris's eyes, and simply going through whatever practical motions were necessary to get what he needed. What Paris needed. What they both needed so desperately right now.

His lovers wanton splaying of his long, lean legs made it easy for Dave to reach back and grab one of those legs, bending it at the knee and pushing it up insistently. Dave leaned against that bent leg, pinning it against Paris's chest, and reached down to take his cock in hand and find Paris's opening. He'd taken no time to prepare the man. "Relax. There's no time... I need to be in you." He pressed, gaining entrance, moving slowly but insistently. Those eyes... the more he gazed into their depths, the more Dave needed to take Paris, to own Paris.

Paris watched as Dave made his preparations. He lay almost still, the only movement the rise and fall of his chest as his breathing became ragged with anticipation. He nodded shakily at Dave’s words, his eyes widening as the head of Dave’s cock breached him, and he held Dave’s gaze, grounding himself in the raw desire in his lover’s eyes.

He relaxed as much as he could as Dave pushed deeper, but the intensity of the intrusion had him moaning, his eyelids fluttering almost closed and his body arched up as he was impaled fully on Dave’s erection. Paris whimpered. The muscles in his arms felt impossibly taut as he moved, but Dave held him fast, his mouth tantalisingly just out of reach for Paris.
Dave felt the tension in Paris's arms, and tightened his grip. He breathed deeply, in and out, his exhalations stirring the sweaty hair scattered across his partner's forehead. He moved inside Paris with long, carefully controlled strokes, resisting all urges to speed up and take his pleasure quickly.

"There's no use in struggling, Paris. I won't let you go. No matter what you say or do, I'll hold onto you, keep you mine." Dave pushed into the man as deeply as was possible. "You're mine. I claim you. Nothing else can have you, not here, not now, not while I've got you in my grasp." Dave's voice was low, controlled, but a little shaky. It was taking all his control to keep the pace at this level, to hold his passion in check. But it was worth it, somehow he knew that the prize could only be won in this way. He wasn't sure what the prize was, but he knew full well it was something Paris needed, and he was slowly discovering that he needed it too.

Dave’s words echoed through his mind, soaked through Paris’ skin, became part of him, wrapped him up in reassurance and love, gave him promises that he sorely needed. The hold on his wrists emphasised the truth behind the words, and with a shudder, Paris stopped testing Dave’s grip and his arms relaxed back against the bed as he looked up at him with clear eyes. His focus narrowed right down to Dave, the man who loved him enough to give him what he needed without questioning why.

All the worry and fear of the past weeks fell away and Paris moaned softly as he gave himself up completely to Dave. The small movements of his hips rising to meet his lover’s as Dave took him were instinctive, an indication of his approaching orgasm, as was the way his skin flushed as the blood raced through his veins. “I’m yours,” Paris gasped, and words tumbled from his lips as the tension coiled inside. “Always … claim me, make me yours, please … fill me …”

Dave felt his partner's surrender, and marvelled at the completeness of it. He couldn't help moving faster, Paris's words were having a definite effect on his body, even as they melted his heart. He was so close to coming himself... this was going to be interesting. Dave refused to let go of Paris's wrists, and their bodies were joined together in an interesting position. He was accustomed to taking hold of Paris's cock while he came, but events would unfold differently this time. "Mine. You're mine to take, and to love. Mine to drive crazy and mine to soothe to sleep when you're spent. Come for me, love. Don't think about anything else except giving me your pleasure."

Paris groaned as Dave’s voice all at once soothed him, held him, urged him on and commanded him. Dave was moving faster, raking his cock over the sweetspot inside and Paris squirmed his hips against it causing Dave’s grip on his wrists to tighten. Paris’ back bowed as the tension brought him to breaking point, his nerve endings fraying, unravelling as his body gladly gave Dave what he’d asked for.

His balls clenched and as he came with a wail, his cock jerked and pulsed on his belly, spurting hot come over his chest. His body clenched around Dave’s hard flesh, and he whimpered and writhed, impaling himself further as he begged with his body for Dave to spill himself in his depths.

Everything about Paris's orgasm commanded Dave to follow suit. That wail, the way Paris tightened around him, it all took him to that place just shy of pain, but not quite there. It was pure, undiluted pleasure. He intended to say 'I love you' as he came, but it may have actually sounded like nothing more than a howl. His hands shook as he gripped Paris, and his legs nearly turned to jelly. When the sensations subsided, Dave collapsed at Paris's side. He smiled at his mate, panting and gasping for breath. "That.... wow. Paris, don't ever be afraid to ask anything of me. I'm glad you asked what you wanted tonight. I guess I somehow needed it too."

“Yeah, wow.” Paris smiled almost shyly, flexing the muscles in his slightly overtaxed arms. “Okay, I’ll remember. I don’t know why I needed that tonight …” He didn’t. He was in such a sated, relaxed place that we wasn’t about to start questioning his own motives, and loved Dave all the more for not feeling the need to question them either. He burrowed against Dave’s chest, thankful for the thousandth time that they had found each other.

“And the same goes for you.” He raised his head and kissed Dave softly. “Anything you want you can have. I’m yours, all of me.” He snuggled back against Dave and slipped an arm around him to hold him close, feeling so safe in the circle of his lover’s arms with the monsters banished back to the closet where they belonged, at least for one night.

I wanna wake up each morning
With you for the rest of my life
I wanna feel your heart beating
And just get lost in your eyes
You can tell me your secrets
You can let me feel your pain
You can show me your weakness
And never be ashamed

Hold on to me when your world's turnin' cold
When it feels like your life's spinnin' out of control
You're hopin', prayin', tryin' so hard to believe
Hold on to me when there's no middle ground
And every emotion is comin' unwound
And you don't know if you can hold on to your dreams
Baby you can hold on to me

I wanna lay down each evenin'
With you right here by my side
I wanna get drunk on your laughter
And wipe all the tears when you cry
You can scare me with your darkness
You can blind me with your light
Throw your worries out the window baby
On your wildest night

Hold on to me when your world's turnin' cold
When it feels like your life's spinnin' out of control
You're hopin', prayin', tryin' so hard to believe
Hold on to me when there's no middle ground
And every emotion is comin' unwound
And you don't know if you can hold on to your dreams
Baby you can hold on to me

Hold on to me
Montgomery John Michael

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