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Paris:These early morning rides are leaving me energised, and usually I'd slip into the shower before waking you to wash off the lingering smells of horse and stable before coming back to bed, but this morning I'm horny as hell, and can't wait to get my hands on you. Sneaking up the stairs, I peel off my t-shirt as I go, and find you lying on your stomach , the quilt covering your lower half. I toe off my boots and push off my jeans before grabbing hold of the bottom of the quilt and pulling it slowly off you and the bed, grinning to myself as you snuffle a little in your sleep.

As soon as the quilt hits the floor, I join you, kneeling over you on all fours and licking a trail from the dimples on your back up your spine to your neck. I nuzzle your ear while I settle on top of you, my cock nestling in the crack of your ass. Then slowly I move my hips, enjoying the friction, and lick the lobe of your ear. "Mornin' sleepin’ beauty."

Dave: At first I manage to drift along still half lost in dreamland, fuzzily aware that there's a warm wet feeling crawling up my back. But there's no sleeping through your cock nesting against me or your breath on my ear. "Mornin' you." I twist my head enough to get a glimpse of your face. Your eyes are huge and dark, lusty as hell. "Someone's looking for another good ride this morning, aren't they?"

I squirm under you, my ass rubbing back against your hips. I tense my cheeks, trapping your cock against me. Whatever it takes to make you crazy, that's what I want to do.

Paris: "Yep, I reckon I am." The cowboy drawl slips out and I grin against your mouth as I capture it over your shoulder for a kiss. And if you're trying to drive me nuts, it's working. All your squirming has me groaning, low and throaty, against your neck.

Taking my weight on one arm, I run my other hand down your side, gripping your hip so I can really grind against you, reluctant for the moment to stop and go searching for the lube.

Dave: Your hair flops forward against my forehead as we kiss, and I breathe you in. You smell of hay and sweat and it's not unpleasant at all. Very, very manly. Not that I need reminded of your manliness, not with your cock jammed between my arse cheeks and you shoving me hard against the mattress. And speaking of hard… I'm getting there too. I moan, partially due to pleasure, and a little due to being trapped beneath you with no room for my rapidly stiffening cock.

Paris: Realising that I'm squishing the life out of you, I half roll off with a chuckle and stretch over to the nightstand for the lube, not wanting to lose contact with you even if it is for something so essential.

I slick my fingers and run them down between your cheeks, pushing just the tips inside, teasing, softly biting and licking your shoulder at the same time. "God, you taste so good this morning."

Dave: “And you smell rather amazing this morning. You’ll have to skip showering more often, mmmm?” I manage to turn a little on my side, squirming against your fingers, pushing up against them as I face away from you, breathing deep as my cock springs free from its trap. “So, I reckon I’m gonna get fucked, is that about the size of it, cowboy?”

Paris: "Yep, I reckon you are, and you're gonna be one sweet ride, if that sweet ass of yours is anything to go by." I can't resist giving it a slap before lining up my cock and pushing into you with a grunt.

I stay on my side and pull you back against me, hand roaming your chest until my fingers find the ring, and I tug on it, moaning at the way you move in my arms as I thrust deeper. "Woah, looks like I got me a real bucking bronco."

Dave: True to form, you tug on my ring, and I buck, arching away from you almost enough that you slip free of me, but not quite. I’m not a true bucking bronco or I’d be free of you now, and that’s the last thing I want! I feel empty and I don’t like the feeling, but I know how to fix it. I push back urgently against you, feeling you fill me quickly, and soon we find a rhythm we both like. “Faster, cowboy! Ride me. Hard!”

Paris: I pick up the pace, hips snapping forward as I give you exactly what you want. "This what you're after, pardner?" I take the sounds I'm pulling from you as a yes and move my hand down your body to grasp your thick cock, fingers smearing the moisture leaking from it down the shaft before I start to work it. "That's a mighty fine pistol you're packing. Why don't you show me how far you can shoot?" With a growl I slam into you again, your heat gripping me, urging me on as I urge you higher.

Dave: There’s a freedom that can’t be matched in making love with a partner you feel completely comfortable with, someone you know will let you can get as intense as you like, or sometimes just be a bit silly, even when you’re on the verge of one hell of an incoming orgasm. “Ready.” I arch up into your hand, my teeth gritting against the maddeningly sure stroke of your hand. “Aim.” I reach back and slap one sweaty palm against the small of your back, while my other hand wraps around your hand on my cock and gives it a decent squeeze. “Fire!”

We’re definitely going to need to change these sheets. And the pillowcases. I gasp a retort, still shaking from my own round of target practice. “Think you can outgun me? Show me why they call you the Bullseye Kid.”

Paris: Christ, you're so fucking tight, and your body is still twitching around me after you splattered most of the bed linen with come and then I'm there.

"Hold onto your hat, Jesse James." Is all I can manage before I'm reduced to incoherence, shooting deep inside you and holding you tight as I ride it out. With a long happy sigh, I rest my forehead on your back and relax, my hand finding yours and holding it against your sweaty chest. "Nothing like an early morning ride to start the day." I smirk and snuggle closer.

Dave: That was… fun. Sometimes we’re intense and often we border on being sickeningly romantic, but this was amazingly hot and a hell of a fun ride. I pull your hand up to my mouth and playfully bite your knuckles. “You’re right. I think I might just go for a morning ride myself, real soon.”

Have to admit, though, as manly as you smelled when you, er, mounted me, we’ve both taken that to high levels now. I turn on the drawl one more time. “Smells like a raccoon up and died in the bunkhouse, partner. What say we mosey on over to the showerin’-contraption and destinkify ‘fore the day gets goin’?”

Paris: I snicker as I turn you onto your back, so glad of your wicked sense of humour. Your blue eyes are sparking and full of laughter and can't help but kiss you soundly, no matter how sweaty we are. Pulling back I sniff the air with a wrinkled nose. "Reckon you're right 'bout that, and it sure beats a dip in the ol' horse trough."

Getting off the bed, I reach down and grab your hand, hauling you to your feet. I pull you close for another kiss and drop the cowboy drawl. "Maybe if you come riding with me one morning we could take a tumble in the hay afterwards."

Dave: “Mmmm. Sounds like fun. Well, except for the getting up early part.” I wink and pad along obediently to the shower with you. “But a roll in the hay as a reward… yeah, that’ll get me out of bed early!”

I’m a pretty happy guy. Stinky, well used, and my appetite’s kicking in, but I get to take a good hot shower with you and then show off in the kitchen after. I feel sorry for anyone that isn’t me right now.

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