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Takes place a few hours after Paris and Ryssa's celebration.

Théo: Since Paris is staying at the warehouse for a few days while Dave is away, I thought I would take the opportunity to shift in and finish reading the tale I started weeks ago. But the sight that greets me as I reach the bottom of the stairs is an unusual one. The low table by the couches is laden with small open boxes half full of food. There are dirty plates also and mugs and bottles so I can only guess that Paris and a friend ate here last night, although Paris is not one to leave such a mess until morning.

I consider leaving it as it is, but I will be happier sitting reading if it is out of sight, so with a sigh, I decide to clear it up into the kitchen, then Paris can deal with it in the morning. It only takes a few minutes, and once it is done, I find the book I want on the shelves and sit on the couch, relaxing and losing myself in the words.

Ryssa A glance at the clock through the crack in my eyelids confirms that it’s still the middle of the night. Never matters how much water I drink before I go to bed after drinking too much, I always wake up in the night wanting more.

Padding down the stairs, I find myself face to face with Paris, who is looking at me as if he’s seen a ghost. I wave at him sleepily and wander through to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, groaning at the mess in the kitchen. After drinking a full glass down, I pad back to where Paris is sitting.

Now the good thing about gay guys is that you can be as tactile as you like, and know you’re safe from being molested. So without a word, I join him on the couch, and burrow against his side.

Théo: I am surprised when an attractive woman dressed in nothing but a long t-shirt walks down the stairs and after busying herself in the kitchen for a moment, joins me on the couch. Not only that, but she snuggles against me with a contented sigh. My eyes are wide as I look down on the top of her head, and I slowly put my arm around her, settling her against me, hoping that is what Paris would have done.

Within moments, she is asleep, and since it seems she is quite happy where she is, I finish the last pages of my book.

When I am done, I lay it to one side and decide the best thing to do is to get the woman back into her bed. So I ease her off me so I can stand, before picking her up and carrying her upstairs. Her arms go round my neck. She is very affectionate, whoever she is. I lay her down, and cover her with the quilt, stopping to watch her for a moment as she settles back to sleep, and I bend down and brush the hair back from her face.

I must ask Paris about her when I next speak to him ...

The next morning, a hungover Ryssa follows the smell of coffee down the stairs, and finds Paris in the kitchen …

Ryssa: “Did you finish it, then?”

Paris: “Hmm?”

Ryssa: “Dorian Gray, did you finish it?”

Paris: “The Oscar Wilde story? I read that years ago.”

Ryssa: *looks confused* Last night, I came down to get a glass of water, and you were sitting reading Dorian Gray. It’s still lying where you left it. Don’t tell me you sleep read?”

Paris: I was? I was … wasn’t I? I couldn’t sleep and just grabbed the first book off the shelf. Must have been really tired, don’t remember a word of it.


Théo!! Get your ass here right now! What the hell happened last night?

Théo: Paris. Good morning. I do not usually respond well to greetings in that tone. How may I help you?

Paris: Sorry. What happened last night?

Théo: Your guest wandered down in the middle of the night, sat down with me on the sofa without a word, and fell asleep against me. I finished my book and carried her to bed.

Paris: And then …

Théo: I went back to your bed and shifted out. Wait … you think I would touch your guest? Take advantage of woman who is sleeping?

Paris: Well, you took advantage of a half-asleep guy …

Théo: *sigh* That was very different … and I am never to be allowed to forget that? Once. Once!

Paris: Okay mate, I’m sorry.

Théo:Who is she?

Paris: She’s called Alryssa and she’s working for me, helping me with designs for the houses I work on.

Théo: She is very attractive, and very affectionate.

Paris: Théo …

Théo: Calm yourself, Paris, I have no designs on your designer … *realises what he said and chuckles*

Paris: *rolls eyes* Later mate. Some of us have coffee waiting for us, not herbal tea.

Théo: *narrows eyes* That was uncalled for.

Paris: *snickers and sips*

Ryssa: “Paris, what are you giggling at?”

Paris: “I’m not giggling!!

Théo: *snickers and fades out*

Paris: *scowls*

Ryssa: *sits down on a stool at the breakfast bar* *rolls eyes* “You’re a strange guy, you know that? But no stranger than the rest of them, I suppose. So, what does a girl have to do around here to get breakfast made for her?”

Théo: *fades back in* If I may make a suggestion?

Paris: I thought you’d gone and no! You may not. Keep your suggestions to yourself.

Théo: *fading* You are no fun …

Ryssa: *slumps across the counter* Paris, for the love of God, I need coffee and food or I might not make it.

Paris: *pets Ryssa’s hair and pours her a coffee* Pork bun?

Ryssa: *groans and goes green at the thought*

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