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Dave: Okay, I’m either a complete idiot or a candidate for sainthood. Or both. I’ve agreed to let Faramir lead the way for a week, and take care of this job on the south island.

I shouldn’t worry. He’s been shifting in to Wellington for years now. He knows his way around, knows how to act like one of us… well, mostly. Never have been able to convince him to drop the stilted talk, and pick up a bit of slang. I know, I know, he’s explained that he’s fearful of getting in the habit and accidentally using it back in Gondor, and I suppose that makes some sense.

And it’s not like he has to act like someone’s he’s not, he’s needed for this job precisely because of who he is. He’s a Ranger, holds his own just fine in a fight and knows how to use most any weapon. He says he’s not nearly as good as Theodred or Boromir at fighting, but hell, even at that he’s a far sight better than any of us born and raised on this side of the portal.

He just has to remember to call himself Mark. And to not actually kill anyone. And to follow orders. Right. Nothing at all to worry about.

Not a thing. Oh, except for the part where I try to explain all this to Paris. Who just happens to be walking in the door right this very minute. I can’t put this off – Faramir has to be on a plane tonight. I really hope you haven’t made plans for us for the evening, love….

“Hey, Paris. Decent day? You look tired, love.” I lead you to the couch and set you down, leaning in to rub your shoulders. “I’ve got to talk to you about something, I’m sorry to hit you with this right when you walk in, but it just can’t wait. Nothing’s wrong, don’t worry. But I’ve got to leave for a week. Actually, I have to let Faramir leave for a week. Git’s gone and landed himself a job. How’s that for a first in ShiftVille?”

Paris: I've hardly got time to shrug off my jacket before you're sitting me down. "Yeah, not bad …." Oh those fingers feel good, and I lean into your touch, but wait. "Faramir's got a job?" I wonder if I heard right. "A working for someone getting paid for it job?" You dig into a particularly bad knot and all is forgotten for a moment as you work it out, drawing a small growly purr of contentment from me. "If you're trying to distract me, it's working." But I'm still curious. "Isn't Rangering enough for him any more? I mean, I knew you'd have to be away for work sometimes, but yeah, this is a first."

Dave: “Oh, don’t I know it. Seems he’s made some friends in town, I suppose that’s bound to happen, but one of them just so happens to be a stuntman from our days on the set, Paris. I don’t know if you met up with Jed Brophy on the set? Amazing stuntman, the guy could handle anything Pete needed done.” I sigh and slide my hands up to your neck and work up to a scalp massage – since I get the benefit of playing with your hair while I’m getting you relaxed – and try to make enough sense of this for you.

“So Jed called here this morning looking for Mark. Took me a bit to figure out who he was and who he was asking for. I don’t think he knew who he was talking to, and I left it at that – really don’t want to be explaining later why Mark’s my roommate and so are you, you know? He’s working on Karl’s latest project down on the south island. Seems one of their stunties broke an arm or somesuch and they’re really desperate for some decent blokes for a week’s worth of filming battle scenes. I know what it’s like to be shorthanded that way on set. Directors can be tempted into cutting corners or risking the rest of the crew’s health by overworking them till they make a mistake. Um…. I told Jed I’d give ‘Mark’ a call and tell him he had a week’s guaranteed work. So, am I an idiot, or what? He’s got to fly down there tonight!”

Paris: "Yeah, I remember Jed." A decent guy, from what I can remember too, always cheerful. I sigh as my scalp tingles and smile, reaching back to stroke your thigh reassuringly as you ramble. "It's okay, babe, I'm fine with it. You live with regular visits from Theo, and now Sean's back, I kinda thought Faramir would be around more often anyway. Not that I won't miss you." I say with the hint of a pout in my voice. "And talk about short notice!" I flash you a grin over my shoulder to let you know I'm only teasing. It'll be weird sleeping at the cabin without you. Haven't done that in a while. "You want me to drive him to the airport?"

Dave: "Nah, I can drive - I don't have much time and I want to use the travel time to give Faramir a crash course in working on location. He'll be diving in fresh, and I want him to have as much advice in advance as possible."

I wrap you up close in my arms and kiss the top of your head. "You're amazing. Thank you. Life's pretty complex with all these guys running around but you take it in good stride." I soak up your heat, it's got to last me all week long. Or at least as much of the week as I get. That reminds me... "I'm going to take a few hours here and there for myself, when he can let me. There's some amazing wineries down there, and I'll do some shopping for us. I'll check out the hotels and such around there too, could be a nice getaway with you later on."

Paris: I snicker at myself. Course you can drive him. Maybe it's cause he's a friend as well as your shift that I kinda think of him as a separate entity. I snuggle back and pull your arms tighter around me, thinking back to our last trip away, and getting a surprise when I realise how long ago that was. "A break would be good, just the two of us, and I'll be able to take more time off this year with Ryssa around." My fingers play over your arm and I smirk, wiggling round to face you, pushing you back against the couch. "How long have you got before you go?"

Dave: “Two hours.” Your hair flops down across your face and your smile grows nicely wicked. “Well, I really only need an hour to pack.” You lean down and kiss me, easing your body down on mine. “Um, in a pinch I can pack in a half hour.” My heart starts racing and I dig my fingers into your hair. “Damn the packing. I just need ten minutes to grab some stuff…”
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