Sep. 4th, 2006

rohanson: (Nuts!)
Takes place a couple of days after Pete and Ryssa have dinner together

Paris pulled up outside of Ryssa’s place and parked the truck before loping up the stairs and knocking on the door. She called out that the door was open and he let himself in, glancing at his watch as he sauntered through to the living room. They were cutting it fine to get to the potential client’s place with their plans and estimates, and Paris helped Ryssa gather what she needed as he glanced around at several large vases of colourful blooms.

"Are the flowers from the roses guy?" Paris pried.

"Yes they are. We had dinner here on Saturday and these arrived on Monday morning." Ryssa saw no need to hide anything from Paris anymore.

"Ah ha, so there is a guy!" Paris grinned triumphantly.

"Yes, there’s a guy." Ryssa rolled her eyes. "He was an acquaintance when he sent the roses, now he’s … " She considered what exactly Pete was as Paris slid his arm round her shoulders and propelled her in the direction of the door, knowing an incoming ramble when he heard one.

"My boyfriend? Hmmm … that sounds so teenage. My beau? Too formal. We’re courting?" Ryssa continued to muse things over as they climbed into the truck and Paris started the engine.

"Seeing each other? I’ve always thought that was such a wishy washy term. Involved? Yes, that fits."

"So does this guy you’re involved with have a name?"

"Hmmm? Yes, he’s called Pete. Peter Jackson."

Paris stalled the truck.

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