Jan. 10th, 2006

rohanson: (Laugh)
As I drive up to the cabin, Giz is sitting on the deck as usual, waiting for me. There's a cat flap for him to use in the back door, but I think he hears the engine as I turn off the road and comes to meet me. It also pisses Ise off that he's the first to greet me, slinking round my ankles as I dig out my keys to open the door and let her out.

We've both been living here almost full time since Christmas Day. I've stayed at the warehouse on the odd night that I have to work late or early, but apart from that, I guess this has become our main home, and there's a reason for that.

His name is Cavalo.

And unlike the rest of our motley crew, he can't be stuck on the back seat of the truck and driven into town for a few nights when the fancy takes us. I know the guys that look after Leelu could easily do the same for him, but I want to get to know him, let him get to know me, build that bond that Éomer talked about.

Dave isn't home yet, so I feed the furballs and grab a quick shower to get the dust out of my hair. As soon as I emerge, Ise is waiting for me, already used to a routine which is still new, but feels right and we head off down to the stables, leaving Giz curled up on the couch.

There's a whicker as I leave the trees behind and walk down to the paddock. I love the way he does that when he sees me, and comes straight over to the fence, tossing his head. He's feisty, full of spirit and he's mine. I climb over the fence and he walks towards me, butting his head against my chest. I run my hand down his neck as he snuffles at my pockets looking for the apple slices I always carry now. That was one of Éomer's hints. And that reminds me. Dave isn't the only one to thank for finding Cavalo, although I think it'll be in a different way.

Laurelea comes to greet me too, and I slip her an apple slice, not wanting her to feel left out. And I wonder if Dave will follow me down when he gets in. Maybe we'll be able to take them out together. Cavalo follows me over to the gate, and I slip out to get his combs and brushes. As I work on his beautiful chestnut coat, I think back to Christmas …

It had been a quiet Christmas Eve. )

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