Dec. 1st, 2005

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We walk straight up the stairs to the second floor, and emerge into a huge room with a very tall ceiling. And what grabs me straight away is the view. A big part of the back of the house is glass, with a view out over an expanse of white sand down to the ocean.

It’s magnificent.

Even given it’s nothing but an empty shell now, there’s no doubt about it. I recognised the art deco influences from the exterior but inside is basically a blank canvas.


As I’m walking round, Ryssa pulls open the glass doors and disappears outside onto the deck. As well as the room we walked into, there’s another next to it, and one at the back which must have been the kitchen at one time. Further through, there are three bedrooms, one with an en-suite, and a separate bathroom. The master bedroom also has access to the deck, so I open the door and wander outside.

The railings round the wide deck are rusted, and I run my hands over them, already counting up the costs of restoration. There’s a set of steps that bisect the deck and lead down to the sand, and soon it’s crunching under my feet. I turn and study the building, eyes drawn by the curving walls.

Ryssa joins me, tilting her face up into the sun.

“How many rooms downstairs?” I ask her.

“Four, with another bathroom.”

Ryssa, this is a huge project. )

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